Can anyone help me with adjusting my guitar processor?

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Jan 1, 2008
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Alright, here's the thing. Since I got my electric I've been using the distortion only from the amp, e.g. the 'drive'. Now I got my dad's pedal/processor/whatever you wanna call it out and I wanna start using it. But I'm having a rather hard time. It's a 'ME-6 guitar multiple effects' model, looks just like this:

I've seen my dad use it before, and I figured I'd try doing the stuff he does, but apparently he had something preset which isn't preset now. No matter what I do the nuance of my tone stays the same. No distortion or overdrive whatsoever, just a clean tone. Tried searching for a guide but there doesn't seem to be one. If anyone had any experience with it, can you clarify on how it works? I'd ask me dad but he's at some wedding with my mom and isn't home atm. I'm basically searching for an ordinary metallic, hard distortion. Any idea on how to actually use it?

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