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Jun 10, 2006
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I downloaded this game because my friend liked it and i just think its a broken peice of crap (i could use i lot of other words in that sentance)

first of all right off the bat the game screws you over because it says it'll work with CS...but if you get anthologies it doesn't work -_-

next the POS swooping system when i go head on into someone it should freeking do something, not just point me downwards
i can't even fight anyone in the game because it doesn't even give me a chance to!

the game is basically unplayable unless i really feal like messing around with the quirky crappy controls untill i can kill someone without haveing to use a disk, and i must say instead of spending hours of frustration trying to do that i would rather do soemthing more staring at the wall (just as much fun without the fealing of WANTING TO THROW OUT YOUR PC)

maybe i'll try it again if you can fix everything in the game so it actually WORKS

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