Anti Admin Abuse Association

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Nov 29, 2002
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I have created the AAAA (Anti Admin abuse association). Of corse this doesn't nesscessary apply to ESF currently it will some time in the near future (metamod/plugins..admin mod like plugin possibly on ESF). I hate power tripping admins or if they suck/lose they use there power on you. I HATE THAT! I am a admin and I don't abuse power. Maybe if we get people agent it we can make something to notify a user if a server they are joining is AAAA so you can play in peace and have fun.

Sugguestions? Comments? Think I'm stupid for trying to help? Post below!

More info at [email protected]
Our website is

Ideas are ALPHA 0.02

IDEA #1:

Server hosts "respected" servers meaning have a good record of AAAA and a client will get a list of those servers to join. Something like that. Think of other things. Please give this a shot. I am capable of programming and with sockets (TCP/IP) so that isn't a problem.

IDEA #2:

I have created a client and server for viewing a list. It has AAAA rating and a user rating to decide which servers you goto. I will release it soon.

P.S. I have no rules on my server (if I did it was only when I first got ESF and sucked lol). Nucleo was banned long ago. Please only talk about AAAA not personal information. I reposted the thread for it. Its just spam and babble. My server is down because nucleo came over here and deleted most of my server files so I'm trying to recover from his foolishness. Its too bad X86 Screen Saver (and lockout) doesn't work on root.
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Aug 28, 2002
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0 idea dude, I've seen so many unfair Admins its ridiculous some put on God-mode for themselves, others just kill everyone in the map for no reason, pretty good idea Pommy, wish I could help you, but I don't know much about admin mods and all that, but cool idea:yes:

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