AMD sues Intel

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May 30, 2003
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An anti-trust lawsuit. The guys over at Advanced Micro Devices have accused Intel of holding an unfair monopoly against AMD and doing such things as unfairly punishing certain companies that switch to AMD, or force companies to boycott AMD launch and promotion events.

Sounds like it'll be an easy win for AMD, if what they say is true, they probably won't get hit as hard as Microsoft, but it could damage them.

AMD said Intel’s illegal and unfair actions include the following:
AMD said:
1. Intel has forced major customers into exclusive or near-exclusive deals;
Intel has conditioned rebates, allowances and market development funding on customers’ agreement to severely limit or forego entirely purchases from AMD;
2. Intel has established a system of discriminatory, retroactive, first-dollar rebates triggered by purchases at such high levels as to have the practical and intended effect of denying customers the freedom to purchase any significant volume of processors from AMD;
3. Intel has threatened retaliation against customers introducing AMD computer platforms, particularly in strategic market segments;
4. Intel has established and enforced quotas among key retailers effectively requiring them to stock overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, Intel-powered computers, thereby artificially limiting consumer choice;
5. It has forced PC makers and technology partners to boycott AMD product launches and promotions;
6. Intel has abused its market power by forcing on the industry technical standards and products which have as their central purpose the handicapping of AMD in the marketplace.
Click here for an open letter from the AMD Chairman discussing a fair and open market.
Read the FULL complaint in PDF format here.

More info and the article here:

Discuss. This could significantly affect the buying of computers, I'm going to keep an eye on this one.

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