There is no rule saying we cannot advertise...

- spamming the forums
- abuse in ANY FORM, FASHION OR APPROACH! This includes via Private Messages, threads, emails etc.
- discrimination NO RACISM IS TOLLERATED IN ANY WAY. Name calling, sarcastic jokes and other hanus behavious is tolllerated, within mature moderation
- asking to be given future releases (the beta etc) or be made a moderator/admin/op etc
- flaming ANYONE, including newbies, moderators, admins and normal forum goers. Keep it clean and we'll keep it fun
- posting of or referencing to illegal material. This includes porn, hentai, warez, ftps, leech sites, fserves, cracks, patches, mods, chips etc
- swearing is not tollerated, and while we do our best to edit it out, it can appear when people space their words out (l i k e t h i s). We will warn, and ban for such occurances
- excessive and or hanus sigs - keep them clean, and healthy - also as small as possible where relevant.

Follow these and your fine. Abuse or break them and prepare to feel the wrath of Cucatoth the old one.
Thanks iG for this wonderful info.
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Dec 30, 2003
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It's basicly common sense , how would you like if somone advertised in your forum bout another game
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Nov 25, 2001
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The only place you are allowed to advertise is in your signature, and you must adhere to the above signature rules. (Signatures and Avatars policy) ESF is paid for by it's creators with no reimbursement, and they quite enjoy making this mod for all of you, it is not fair for you to place a free advertising burden on their bandwidth. Any violations of this rule will be treated as spam, with no exceptions."

Extracted from the Acceptible Usage Policy:

If you intend to dispute a rule, please do consult ALL of the rules before doing so ;)

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