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    Default Change Stances

    Well, it was about time for a new suggestion I think.

    I just watched the newest DBU video out and I think he had an incredible idea in it. He has these different stances which can boost one of four key areas of your character while decreasing the others. Eg. if you go into a Strength stance your Defense decreases but you punch harder, if you go into Agility stance your Strength and Defense decreases but you hit/dodge/move faster etc.

    Watch here at around 3:50 mark:

    How well do you think this would play with the key aspect of ESF which is character balancing? Would you implement it?

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    There was a thread suggesting something like this, but dont think it got too far.
    Anyway the team most likely wont add this cause they already got the gameplay done for the most part and if they do change it it will probably minor changes like swoop speed etc.

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    There's already turbo. Adding more passive stats will not be good for gameplay.
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