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Thread: Test your reaction time! Human Benchmark!

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    While we're speaking of averages, you'll probably want to do around 995 or so more tests to lessen the error rate to something acceptable in which significant statistical conclusions can be based. Probably more if you wanted to be really accurate.

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    Getting slower the more I do this...

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    182, cba screenshot.

    (Was second session, I didn't understand/fully get it first session .. (which ended up being 230)
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    1st try = 174
    2nd try = 164
    20 clicks average = 172
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    With 1ms mouse averaging ~175 now (made it to the leaderboard). Too bad I don't have a 1ms 144Hz monitor to see proper results.
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    I was doing it from my smartphone and once guessed the exact time and pressed it successfully without even seeing green. Yet it said it was over 150.
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    Im averaging round 240

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    Whoa, I don't know if it's because I use a TV as my computer monitor or my mouse doesn't allow me to react so fast! But I'm averaging slightly above 300. Or I just have really bad reaction time :/ Nooooo, I'm getting old!
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    Yeah the TV should give you quite a delay. Regarding mouse, normally its polling rate is 125Hz, so unless you have a mouse that allows you go higher, or have hacked the USB port (Windows 8 doesn't allow that, 7 does), the delay is 8ms.
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    How can yours be so much bigger then mine??

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