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    I can't zoom..... I just got this cool oozaru model and it's really big (game runs good, though) and I just can't zoom out! I can only see one foot :cry: so can any1 tell me wich command I'll have to assign to a key? like: bind "+" "+command" and: bind "-" "-command" thank you in...
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    Upgraded Scouter ---> ZOOMING

    I think the game really needs a zoom function This could be easily made by making it a part of the scouter. In the sometimes huge maps of ESF its kinda hard to keep track of your enemy, and not being able to see the characters of the game (just a dot on the horizon) takes away a big part of...
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    is there anyway to zoom in in the game like in bfp you can zoom in and snipe the guy. is there anyway i can do it on esf?
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    Why not make Super 17?

    I'm wondering why no one seems to have made a Super 17 model for ESF or any other DBZ mod out there. I was hoping someone looking to make more models for the new beta could try out making theese two characters (maybe to replace trunks or something.) And another thing: in Milkshape, I'm having a...
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    Camera Positions

    Hello, i want to know how i can make some camera positions on maps, so i can change to them while i make a power struggle. and how can i change to them then??? (just like in cs_assault where u can look at cameras) __________________________________________ i have read somewhere that...