1. Aurum

    ZEQ2 Lite

    Has anyone heard of ZEQ2 Lite? It's not related to piracy, if you were wondering. It's a free PC game based in Dragon Ball Z. There are some mods which include more characters. Here's the link for the download: http://www.moddb.com/games/zeq2lite Official page: http://zeq2.com/lite/ My...
  2. B

    Zeq2 lite has released their version!

    Zeq2lite's svn has been made public :D http://www.zeq2.com/lite/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3923 is the thread with all info in it and it gets constantly updated and announces what every change is.
  3. FalconFury

    Damaera called me flat nose on zeq2

    Ok today it was Friday right? first person called me flat on face book and I accidentally say to my self I was a flat nose on zeq2. I didn't know damaera was here. He keeps spamming the chat. Flat nose flat nose he keeps saying that he doesn't even care I told him to St*u and he keeps doing it...
  4. Flink_Power

    Character in ZEQ2 Lite

    Hi, How to transform a character? Exemple: Goku into SSJ. Thank's:p
  5. N


    This game is just awesome!!! sorry 2 say but I don't see how esf 1.3 could stand up against this game :] The combo, graphics, gameplay ...everything is way too good esp for the 1st beta... What do u think esf developers? Do u hav ne valid counter argument or u accept defeat? :P
  6. kenny-DK

    ZEQ2 is back!

    Take a look: http://zeq2.com
  7. F

    What happened to ZEQ2?

    Does anyone know why it was shut down?
  8. dany_goku


    What's wrong with zeq2 site it's over they r out ?
  9. -Blaze-

    Zeq2 site and progress up again!

    Hey, visit teh intarweb , Im really happy to see progress and site up again. Let's talk about zeq2 game here. :laff: btw, site is almost up, therez only some news.
  10. D


    ok i just want to know whats up with them.... ;/ do they have a new web page? are they dead?
  11. Z


    whats going on is it truely dead :(?
  12. enterman


    Can anyone give me a link to zeq2? There site is down and I cant find any websites with it. Tell me if you can send it to me with AIM.
  13. Flying Dutchman

    Zeq2 status

    zeq2.com has been down for like, 3 months if not more, are they still alive ? have they relocated and dun I know where ? :p
  14. frsrblch

    ZEQ2 whereabouts?

    Im am fully aware that this will be locked the second a mod sees this, but the question has been knawing at me. What has happened to zeq2? They say theyre migrating from oktagon as did ESF. ESF came back weeks ago but nothing apears to be happening there. If anybody knows what is going on...
  15. True-Warrior15

    Wheres Zeq2

    I've been wondering is zeq2 gonna go dead, they said there migrating to another host but it has been months and i havent seened them :cry:, i wanna know is zeq2 gonna die or is it dead because that was a mod i was hoping for to come out.
  16. RaiZeN

    what is zeq2 ?

    what is zeq2? is the half-life 2 mod? or half-life1? :S:S:S:S
  17. Ashur

    Zeq2 New stuf...

    -Blam!- im advertizing!
  18. crazykorean10


    Well i was thinking of buying quake 3 for like 10 dollars and get ZEQ2 when i comes out who ever is a person doing something in the ZEQ2 project can you tell me all the transformations :)
  19. Wolf

    My Animation for Zeq2, what u think?

    well i didnt know where to post this since theres not really a animation section. http://www.zeq2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1515 plz give feedback on what ya think. i couldn't upload the vid here so i had to use zeq2 sry. the Vid is avi so use that good old divx and yes i am Wolf of...
  20. N

    esf fusion bfp = zeq2

    i was borred so i made something, verry simple but sharp. like it, don't mind if you don't :tired: All Logos created by the makers of the mods, i did not make these logos so I do not take credit for them