1. M

    Yamcha the Desert Bandit

    Some clothes for Yamcha so he looks like he did in the beginning of Dragonball. Also, long hair. If you really want to make it different, there could be sword mechanics like Trunks, as Yamcha used one.
  2. Nemix

    Yamcha W.I.P.

    ok Grega wants me to show him i can do models from scratch ok so here he is like ... half done YAMCHA xD ... im going to die doing the texture
  3. I

    When did yamcha learn the kamehameha?

    And when did he get the scars on his face, in dragonball he doesnt have them...
  4. G

    When did yamcha learn the kamehameha?

    And when did he get the scars on his face, in dragonball he doesnt have them...
  5. Dokutayuu

    Yamcha and Ginyu suggestion

    1)I have an idea. If Krillin has too few transformations and Yamcha doesn't have many either, why not buddy them up? Yamcha has attacks (Spirit Bomb and Kamehameha) could be slower than Krillin but with a bit more health? 2) Ginyu has very few unique moves (one) and he relies on the buddy...
  6. Y

    Adding Yamcha and Tien

    I think that there shulod be Yamcha and Tien :) Yamcha is cool , been twice at King Kai's and probably on same level as Tien ... Tien is cool also ,but somehow looks *** with Chaozu always around ^^ Not Tien or Yamcha but Yamcha and Tien :) So?
  7. B

    Yamcha WIP

    Crits are welcome, This is for DBA, >.<
  8. Mr. Phonso


    crits and drawovers welcome, just ignor the hair :laff: http://img43.exs.cx/img43/2355/rightfront1ee.jpg
  9. K

    i need help with yamcha

    i need help plzzz i am new to modeling and have just learnt how to do it i was wondering if anyone had a good side picture that i could use it can be any character i just cant find any side pictures of any dragonball z characters no matter how much i look
  10. (SS2S) Kakorot

    Yamcha should be in esf

    I bilieve yamcha should be in esf, he is a kwl guy and could go from saiyan saga yamcha to frieza saga yamcha and so forth, cos he doews cut his her in one of them! That could be his transformation, also, he could have camahama beam as he got taught by master roshi and did use it in dragonball...
  11. Z

    My 2. model..! YAMCHA 1.1!!!!!

    HEY HEY HEY!!! I am making my 2. model... WEE!!!! This is Yamcha...! Crits: model: [Team Z] - Zarp Arms: Kreshi here is a pic: giv crits!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---EDIT--- I am really in need of Help my milkshape is out of...
  12. M

    if there is a Yamcha model somewhere he should have burning attack fix for KHH!

    http://www.halflife2files.com/file.info?ID=19391 and that way he will use the KHH as he uses his "SPIRIT BOMB" attack if he=>replace Goku or if he replace other characters then chnaging their most powerful beam with that fix... usually weapon 4 (I was just sadly {due to lack of...
  13. C

    R U forgetting the others???

    Man, I would REALLY like to see Tenshin, Chaozu and Yamcha!!! No one seens to remember these guys and that makes me feel bad 'cause they r important too!
  14. U

    Yamcha, Cooler, Gotenks Sound Packs(More too!!)

    Well, after thinking about what I could add to the ESF community and realizing that I have no artistic talent (So Mapping, Modeling, and Skinning were out of the question) I thought Sound packs might be fun. I am looking for help on making soundpacks and figuring out the best approaches...
  15. Hitokiri

    Yamcha: Scars.

    Well uh... I watched a lot of episodes of DB. But not that many; missed most of the second half. But anyhow, I look at Yamcha in DB and look at Yamcha in DBZ and I notice: He's covered in scars in DBZ! I mean I never really cared, but I'm curious: Can anyone explain how he got all scarred?
  16. R

    yamcha's suggestion

    yeah, i know, new characters MAYBE will be in the later later... esf beta's, but i post it anyway. Yamcha normal form pl: 650000 attacks: wolf's fang fist. this can be like an inmproved meele, like he does free little punches, kicks, but the equal dammage is bigger than normal meele's...
  17. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Cool Yamcha done

    Cool Yamcha done/download I have edited i nice Yamcha model heres a pic Tel me should i release it?:confused:
  18. S

    model pack in need of your help

    Okay check it I'm making a model pack for esf I'm in need of your help kinda. What I need from you guys ight now is what models has not been made for esf to this date so i can get those model in my pack right now my list has: Android 17 Bojack Garlic Jr a Better Brolly Chibi Trunks Tien...
  19. Masibu

    Request: Yamcha Pack

    Hey, i am after a yamcha pack, including model, sound and sprites (yes i already know there is a model out) can anyone make one? thx in advance... the only sprite u would need to make is a wolf fang fist one, and the little icon could be the blue wolf thing (like in DBZ budokai)
  20. Jimesu_Evil

    Yamcha release

    Here's my yamcha model for all those Yamcha fans out there who are sick of waiting for Pr0 to release his. Credits to AzN Dragon for the base model, Teen Gohan. Download Here. *EDIT* Now that RS is back up, here's the updated D/L link.