1. R

    wot do

    what do you think the next transformations will be for 1.krillin 2.cell 3.friza 4.buu and 5.piccalo? the others can so ssj so they 4 sure go up 1 level and vegeta gos majin
  2. I

    goten model

    the gohan model didnt look too good.. so im starting on my second model which will be goten... it looks good to me so far since its my second model ever.. well enjoy
  3. Ness

    Wot Ultimate Saiyan said

    Ultimate Saiyan has a point Magus, u misunderstood; he didnt mean ESF shud add Goku 4 and Chibi Goku, he ment make it so wen u transform to ur downloaded model ie SSJ4 he can hav different sounds eg, Chibi Goku sounds ->SSJ4 sounds (10 fold Kamehame) eg2, Evil Boo->Kid Boo (Evil Buu spoke...
  4. M

    Question at Ultra33Gokussj3 !!!!!!!!

    Hi i have question !!!!! Ok i see many Bojack gohan models but they are even ssj2 can you make A Bojack Gohan that is fist normal and then ssj2 ? I ask you because i love all your edits !!!!!!!! You are a very good and improved modeler so if you do please contact me in ICQ 268549120 or with mail...
  5. Nuttzy

    crash model (needalilhelphere)

    http://www.angelfire.com/pro/bbadapter/crash.JPG (copy&paste) i have a compiled mdl, but its not ingame...yet, i made a few anims with my attempt at a custom skeleton (which it requires) but as i went on i saw the need more and more that it needed a new skeleton, i can do the animating, but...
  6. N

    Compiling Models in Ms3d

    Ok i know exactly what to do im working on a gohan edit and my buu model :) ok heres my problem i go to generate the qc thats fine now compiling it is what im having probs with. When i compile it it says :error: Cannot find /sequence.smd Something along those lines It would help...
  7. S

    please someone help

    i need help with milkshape3d how i open esf mdls? please help me.. when i open hl mdls (esf) anyways i open ssjvegeta and nothing showes on the 4 screens
  8. S

    is there any FREE modeling programmes that can load smd files?

    is there any FREE modeling programmes that can load smd files? if any one no wot i mean can they tell me the programme and the site link plzzzz thx (which isnt milkshape 3d i have used my trail period :()
  9. S

    ssj 3 vegeta help

    i know that vegeta doesn't go ssj 3 but im editing some models to make him. but i don't know how to weld the parts(i'm welding hair to head). i read D.C. Darkling's notes but it wouldn't work. pleaz help me. thanx :)
  10. S

    wot was the mod be 4 esf not beta the first 1

    wot was the won be 4 beta i wana download it
  11. S

    it wont work i stil cant get my console up during play wot u press the ` dont work

    it wont work i stil cant get my console up during play wot u press the ` dont work:]
  12. Escobar

    Wot 2 do??

    Ok well i have the chanve 2 get another update 2 ma computer, it would be 1 of 2 things ... 1. DVD Burner 2. Video Card i am currently running a P4 2.2ghz with 256 DD Ram, and 50gig harddrive and i have a 32mb Geforce 2 MX (i think lol).. WHICH SHOULD I GET PEOPLE!??
  13. SSj Gotenks

    Beta and wot not

    hey does anybody want to set dates on like matches when the beta comes out. I am sure their are members that want to test their skills aganst the makers or the forum members. So you guys should set up dates so we can all fight and see who is supreme
  14. SSj Gotenks

    Aura's and wot not

    In the beta will every characrer have their own specific aura, and will they have their own aura when they change forms, i know that the ssj's will have yellow but when they are not transformed will they have their own. And will Krillen have always a white aura in all his transformations. Ps...
  15. V

    but wot happens now

    when we go ssj and then exit the game do we lose the power to go ssjo_o cheers for the help wid my last thing:D
  16. SSj Gotenks

    Movies, Sagas and wot not

    Ullo, I was wondering if anybody can give me a list ( thats in order) of all the sagas and movies. I sometimes watch the dbz movies and wonder when was this?? So if someone can hook me up wit a little timeline I would be grateful. ( signed Future Badgerlord of Salamandastron)
  17. T

    im new....

    um i was wonderin wot program u guys would suggest i use to edit/make a new map for esf , i havent done it b4 , du need to know programmin? and also wot du use to edit character models?