1. HisokaXKillua

    Woah, hello

    I heard the announcement of the Naruto PC game and thought about trying to find this game again. I can't believe my profile is still here... lol. I hate it's name but, w/e I can easily forget about it. The game looks GREAT. Glad the game is still going strong as ever. Just wanted to stop by and...
  2. Dokutayuu

    Finished reading Deathnote ... woah... (spoilers)

    Just finished the Deathnote manga and I have never had to think so much when reading before. Fantastic though. The ending was pretty clever how it swapped about so much, I suspected who was winning at times but then something would prove my idea wrong, then right again etc. Spoilers I never...
  3. Optimus Prime

    Woah Woah! Mainstream media FINALLY calling out Jack Thompson?

    Was actually a great read. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18220228/
  4. Suh Dude

    Woah Quake 3 in a browser?

    http://necromanthus.com/main.html Go to that site, click on Shock Games, and click on Quake 3 Forever. Its Quake 3 in shockwave. D:
  5. KilledWithStyle

    Woah really wierd problem

    I will ask here cause it just happened. Is there any reason why a dedicated server refuses to register on the steam server list? -------------------- I am on the server right now, so I know the server is running. The server is in a diffrent city, so it isn't a sv_lan problem. And it has...
  6. D

    WOAH serious help dudes

    Alright guys listen up. im stupid to all this server making crap but i can follow basic instructions. i downloaded the installer of the amxmodx and i did it on a listen server er wateva. i start it up and it takes me back to my desktop. since this problem is unknown to be solved, i was wondering...
  7. S

    woah, this is it after over 15 hours work

    well i got a request from my gf, and i cudnt really refuse, u see she dont have photophop, so i said i'd ink and CG one of her pics, and after over 15 hours of work, this is wat i got, If u can, crit to ur best ability, cuz i need this to be perfect, tell me wat to do with the background cuz i...
  8. DustMan2704

    Woah im looking for a dbz pic

    well i dont know if this is the right place for that but....im lookin for that kick ass pic in better quality than this,maybe someone of you got a link for it in full size and with good or maybe best quality http://www.angelfire.com/anime6/dustman20/3763c0a0_1_.jpg and maybe someone can...
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Working on a new image - Power Corrupts - Rebirth

    Final Image - Power Corrupts - Rebirth Alright, I finished it, hope you like :)
  10. Pommy


    i made a picture with my eye <img src=http://members.cox.net/pommy/pommy/artwork/eye.jpg>
  11. T

    Woah look at the scouter on the new scatterbeam pic!

    look at the scouter, it says mixed mode. thats something new :yes:
  12. Darkness

    woah not been in here in ages

    lol does anyone remember me from ages agoooo i used to love this not been on in yonks though so hows this thing gettin on?
  13. drevilz4l

    Woah I leave for 6 months and the Mod looks better than Ever!!!

    WOw! IU left for basic training in october of last year and until now haven;t been able to surf the net much due to computer issues. I just was able to come on the net again recently and I have to tell you guys that your mod look more polished than any other Mod out there and hopefully will...
  14. Akhkaru

    My Gohan head model WIP

  15. I

    Trunks saiyan armor

    here gimme some comments http://www.freewebz.com/iconz/trunksmodel1.jpg http://www.freewebz.com/iconz/trunksmodel2.jpg
  16. Deverz


    your banned from the computer for a week and a lot changes spam sections gone my modness is gone 50million posts anyway im back hopefully if i disappear again its cuz im banned again
  17. O

    See your creation come to life!

    well i got a little bored so i thought "hey y not make a contest". this is a concept art contest. Prize: Winner gets their creation made into a model Rules: 1. Must be a player(no crazy 5 headed monsters) 2. Must have a picture(drawn or made in a paint program just incase ur not the...
  18. fatmanterror

    USSJ Trunks 3.0...kinda

    hey everybody, i fixed ussj trunks up a bit, i think it looks alot better, look at the top of the page all the way down to see how its progressed. well, everybody let me know where to go from here. (in case u cant see that well i made the little part in the middle of his hair like on the...
  19. P

    dark goku skin!!!!!!

    ok im willing to let bygons be bygons so 16, greentaco, lets just be cool.. i know this sig isnt great but it looks awesome in game!
  20. S

    The Master Sig!!!!!!!!!1

    Like it?