1. V

    i dont get ini folder wit plug-ins?

    i put the plugin in the plugin folder but wtf is ini fodler man im dying here?
  2. V

    i fused wit a bot but hes all squared when fusion complete

    i fused wit a bot but hes all squared when fusion complete
  3. K

    PLEASE HELP ME wit installation

    i got a problem i downloaded the full version of of esf but i cant install it lik the next button iz grayed out and in the bottom its talking about spaces but i have good space in my computer
  4. C

    help wit bounce mod

    i got bounce mod put it in the plugin.ini and when i type .corebouncemod 1 it wont work plz help o and can sumone help me wit the swooptrails and attack item giver aswell
  5. S

    I need help wit combos

    I cant figure out what r the combination of keys to do combos i know the there only 2 and i need to know them some one pleace help me wit this
  6. F

    need a little help wit db

    me and my friend were lookin for the dragonballz in riverside and we got da 2 on da far side on the mountain we got the 1 on the hill the one in the water and so on but when he get all those easy ones there is this 1 that we cannot find and does any1 know where it is if so thx.
  7. E

    help wit models

    ok finaly i got steam to work now i have ss3 goku model how do i get to use dat model and i also have gotenks and a whole crapload of charaters but i dont kno how to get em to work
  8. E

    help!!!!! wit steam

    when i try to start steam up it says sum win 32 structure exeption at 1000bfca: unspecified floating point exeption plz help i dont kno wat dis means i played it b4 but wen my interneet got disconeected the put bak on again it wont start up i tried deleting and reinstalling but nothings working.
  9. §lipKnot

    i cant play wit the dragon balls can some one help

    okay i have this problem wit steam and half life but when ever i open it and try to make a game and i go to rules its blank is there a way to fix this or a command i can type in consle?
  10. M

    Helping compiling a model wit milkshpe(ERROR HELP - CRASHING!!!)

    I have that old gohan model parts(MILKSHAPE FILES) everything is assigned! the model looks fine, all the bmps are in place here we go... compile the QC file when it reaches to $sequence ref_shoot_bodypart in the compilation thingy MILKSHAPE stop respawnding and after 20 seconds it...
  11. X

    I was just messing around wit photoshop

    critz please
  12. S

    how do u replace people wit different models?

    can u please explainnnnnnnnnn....thanx in advance
  13. warboy

    brolly sounds??

    hey i need brolly sounds for my brolly can someone get me some?
  14. D

    where can i download models

    help where can i download models???
  15. Nuttzy

    Wolverine model

    yeah yeah, its not perfect, but i assure you he looks badass ingame, i WILL release him when i get permision from turk, (problem is nobody knows how to find him) IF YOU KNOW HOW TO CONTACT HIM OR IF YOU ARE HIM TELL ME,..so at the moment this is prettymuch a thread about the picture of the model...
  16. Ã

    make map bigger

    yo is there a where u can make a map bigger plz man come on the map's r so little????:devgrin:
  17. S


    god it so hard ive been to over like 50 sites reading turtials but it still wont fricken help me arrrgh its impossible heres a pic off what i can doPic Here
  18. DBZFever

    Someone help me wit this drawing

    can someone help me finish this guys legs and hands. If youre going to use him somewhere ask me first, and if its a hentai site your answer is no right now.
  19. Logan4434


    ok....i have a really good idea...i can make an ssj3 gotenks,but for the normal model i wanna do this.i want goten and trunks normal together as the normal model......it would need new animations,i have an idea for trans tho.....for the trans they could do the fusion dance.i need an animater to...
  20. Sayianprince

    problem wit botz

    ok i have installed the bots put them in the dll folder changed the liblist gam file and changed the shortcut to hl.exe -console jus like all of the hw to instal bots post say but when i bring the consol down and type in addbot it still syz unknown command can anyone help?