1. M

    Help! Why I jump back to the window when I use Goku's Spirit Bomb???

    I have updated my ESF already! Only his Spirit Bomb will jump back! Other character and other attack will not! But I love Spirit bomb most! What can I do???
  2. O

    every time play dbz game in internet always got boot out of window ?? who can help me

    i don know what happened??? everytime go to play in internet server game always got boot out of window !! ? i don know what happened of network problem?? i can't play this game in internet now ??? who can help me ??? pls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. DiebytheSword

    OMFG, Productivity pwns.

    New atomic divisions stuff, do not use without permission. :] Dread Tusk Gaehurg Maant C-N-C!!!! Very, very quickly drawn.
  4. S

    Infinity Streak Version 2.0

    It sucks but its better than the last. Created entirely in Ps, Ima get this coded by Stinger, lol. Crits wanted.
  5. S

    Modellign Help

    as most of you know, im a skinner, but i also want to get into modelling... can any of you find me a good 3ds tutorial? and one that doesnt make me want to break a window? thanx
  6. B

    More Car Photo Manips.

    My Edit:- Devianart Link Original:- Comments and Crits welcome. BrunO
  7. Virtigo Seven

    Gundam models anyone?

    Can anyone make a good Gundam model?
  8. Akhkaru

    MS3D UV mapping?

    How do you UV map in MS3D, cause I wanna skin models I am planning on doing :)
  9. G

    How do I get it back??

    Very big problem with milkshape!! You know the thing at the top where you check how far to zoom in and stuff!!! its not there look! How do I fix this!?? How do I get that toolbar back??
  10. Darkness

    Map ideas

    Post new map ideas here and ill try and realise the best one along wit local shop and anyone else who wants to help
  11. G

    how do I render models, I use milkshape 3D but I don't know how to render.. how???

    how do I render models, I use milkshape 3D but I don't know how to render.. how??? please tell me!!!
  12. SSJ-Roach

    Making an Aura?

    Just wanted to know how all you pro's make those great looking aura's in your sig. I'm not talking program here I was just wondering if you used smudge, or erase, or anything else that helps you get those things. Thanx