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    CantSkin in Milkshape on Win2k

    Everytime I go into the texture coordinate editor to skin, I just see a blank screen; within the texture coordinate editors window. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know a solution?
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    ESF doesn't work on Win2k?

    my brother and i can't get ESF to work on win2k and it only works on 98. what's happening is that after a couple seconds or so, ESF will crash to the desktop. ESF also runs a lot smoother on 98 than win2k, visually and sound. can you help me?
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    Win2k Crash

    Not sure if this was what you wanted on the "under investigation" section, but when i run esf it crashes. -Running win2k -Installed in retail counter-strike & half-life (2 different comps with similar setups, both on win2k pro) -loaded via custom game menu It then crashes to the desktop...
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    Iconz Gotenks Model Skinned (W.I.P.)

    just finshed the upper body...