1. D

    Happy Birthday The Wes

    Hey man gefeliciteert nog vele jaren toegewenst! En pass ons ook wat taart :p :Translation: Happy Birthday man I hope you live to see many more years! And gives us some cake too :P
  2. PiXel

    vegetrunks how can host it?

    ok i made a vegetrunks his face is like vegeta and the hair to he has got a west and the clothts from trunks how can host it my icq 175569116 bye
  3. M


    Are there any plans for a Janemba model conversion? I was thinking that he would be good to replace Trunks. With the Magic Sword that Janemba had, and some of his attacks would fit good with trunk's.
  4. Ultra33Gokussj3

    GT Goku V2 DONE

    The gt Goku V2 pack is done :laff: The credit goes to: VEGETTO91 ULTRA33GOKUSSJ3 SIN GOKU Real modeler of goku ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. I would like to thank SIN GOKU and VEGETTO91 for helping me do this model -...
  5. HyperSaiyaman

    Aura question.

    what kind of aura is that? if someone has it please tell me where can i find it ive already search in the forums but i cant find it please need some help:cry:
  6. ssj999vegeta

    error loading bmp

    every time im in adobe softwar and i save changes to a model bmp and then try to import it back ontop the model an error comes up saying error loading bmp wtf is that and it only happens with adobe warez
  7. Lord Killmore

    Is there a good Aura pack?

    I just wanted to ask if somebody can tell me if theres a good aurapack(the aurapack 1.1 from redsayian don´t work , my game crashes if i use it!)
  8. We$$ide

    where to dl gohan with his cape?

    where can i find the gohan with the cape like brollman has on his site, but the file on his site doesnt work cause its damaged, so can someone put up a dl link? -thnx anyway- -=The Wes=-:laff: *edit* i didnt find it on this forum either:S *EDIT2* download the pack right here, it...
  9. We$$ide

    Goku with roshis symbol on his back

    Goku with roshi's and king kai's symbol on his back ive made a roshi symbol on gokus back(i thought it would be better as an empty back :cool: ) credits: model/skin = the esf team symbol on gokus back = -=The Wes=- here is a pic Here is a download link (copy and paste) for the...
  10. Skinnerfool

    Mystic gohan skin

    hello i just made a skin and i don't not where the %#%# to release it so give me links so i'll show pics And i give credit to Azn and that one guy that finshish for him and gave us the download link
  11. God Gundam

    ghp tien model

    heres the tien for ghp not done yet, but im workin on it
  12. TimTheEnchantor

    Some good music to listen to whilst creating..

    Beethoven, Mozart, Techno(i mean if you just listen to it and create, you can create alot of things). Studies have shown that people work better on beats rather than hard-core music... But anyhow..just a little blog to get some of your minds going if it helps you at all...here's some of what...
  13. V

    how/ where do i apply the aura?

    can someone tell me where to put the aura that i d/led because i cant figure it out??:confused: :confused: :confused:
  14. Bryggz

    Aura Model editing question

    ok i hear all this crap about editing the auras, and i took a good look at it...... ok i wanna make the damn lightning things on it now BUT, i need to know some stuff and hopefully anybody could tell me? ok 1) the aura is see through in the game....exactly what makes it see-through that way i...
  15. StriKe!

    Host plz?

    Could some1 get me a host for my models? i made an ssj2 majin + 3 vegeta. pm me is you can get me a host, ty
  16. S

    PERFECT Ussj Trunks

    Hi everyone , i've made this really perfect ussj trunks model when i got stoned: Or: copy and paste : http://www.geocities.com/slinger_3213/trunks.jpg P.s remember i was stoned and it took me only 5 minutes :D great isn't it??
  17. B

    Battle Damage Vegeta Please

    PLEASE GIVE ME AZN RYU I LOVE YOUR SKINS AND MODELS I WILL PAY 100$ FOR BD Vegeta PLEASE!(cough,cough)P....lllllease? Only if you post it ok
  18. D

    Sketcher needs modle

    Hi everyone. I would like to introduce to you "Nameless Hope" its not traced but i did use a moddle. unfortunately it was a desk top pic...... wish i had a real beutiful woman to modle for me. If any girls read this who Live neer west or waco area... please let me know if you would modle for...