1. Mkilbride

    I have 3 Guild Wars 2, free weekend invites.

    I just need your email and you can play this coming weekend.
  2. RavenTrunks

    The Old Republic Thanksgiving weekend.

    So since everyone that signed up to test before the 14th of this month is getting in the Thanksgiving weekend test 25th-27th. I was in the 11-11-11 test and Since the character isnt wiping im going to play on the pvp server that starts with a T(I cannot remember the name of it at all >< My...
  3. MrPlow

    Minecraft Wedding Weekend

    Seems like a pretty sweet deal Source: http://notch.tumblr.com/post/8829997577/wedding-weekend
  4. elcor

    free weekend Killing Floor

    Free Weekend on Now! Play the full game for FREE including the All-New "Level Up" Content Pack that contains 3 Maps, 7 Weapons, 20+ Steam Achievements and More! Must have Steam installed. Play now and enjoy all the new content! i am downloading now,i want play this game ,who is going to...
  5. Damaera

    Free TF2 weekend

    With the latest patch out, TF2 is now free for this eekend. So, go get it so we can all play.
  6. sub

    Unreal Tournament 3 Free this weekend

    UT3 is going to be free this weekend on Steam. It's also going to be on sale for only 12 bucks which isn't a bad deal at all. I think I might buy it for any mods that might come out in the future
  7. Majin_You

    Left 4 Dead = 50% off this weekend

    Source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/57237 I'm tempted; while I don't see as much in this game as a lot of people, apparently, do, $25 isn't bad for a Valve title that's only a few months old. Just figured I'd relay this PSA for people who haven't heard and/or are still on the...
  8. KarrdeKNR

    TF2 Free Weekend

    http://steamgames.com/tf2/heavy/ Ok, for those of you who haven't gotten TF2 yet, srsly, why not? But just in case, free weekend is this weekend. Heads up though, there's gonna be a lot of heavies. My community (brbuninstalling.com) also is all about helping nubs. And now a little...
  9. elcor

    free weekend / day of defeat:source

    http://www.steampowered.com/dod/palermo/ here guys free weekend begind 4 th finish 6th.new updates map , achievement,palyer statistics and more.
  10. Optimus Prime

    Halloween Weekend

    Well, it's Halloween weekend, what are everyone's plans? I'm goin to a house party tonight, a kegger tomorrow night, and then a bar on halloween itself. Me and my friend Jason are going as the Super Mario Bros. I'll post pics later.
  11. Mr. Satans

    Weekend Web (FLASH) *WARNING*

    *WARNING* This flash contains mature content! I found this in The Flash Tub[/url] @ SomethingAwful.com It is a flash version of one of the Weekend Webs *ALSO* At the end there are 3 bonus scenes, try to find them :)
  12. wheres_

    Rocky vs Wheres_warren: super weekend sig competition.

    OMG you asked for it, now its official. Rules: 1.) Sig must fit within standard forum parameters. 2.) Post it by Monday. And thats about all, um i suppose the other kids can decide who is the winner. No prizes, except perhaps a harshly-surfaced pineapple hurled at your face, or...
  13. E


    http://www.modded.net/~ef/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=3885 http://www.modded.net/~ef/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=3881 for http://www.modded.net/~ef
  14. Ranma

    Do you use a picture?

    right, i'm trying to learn how to model, I was reading the MilkShape Tutorial on how to make a CS Girl, ( the one in yout Stickies), and i wanted to know, It says to use A picture on the backround to use as a referance, does everyone here do that? And It said to get different angles of the...
  15. B

    Goku drawing

    I was kinda bored this weekend so i drew a pretty cool pic of goku in Photoshop, i made it big enough for a wallpaper if u want to use it as one http://home.fuse.net/teuschlr/Goku1.gif Comments Welcome, Enjoy
  16. M

    My Weekend Dedicated Server

    Ah, my first problem, my server crashed because i ran out of bandwidth. you see, i pay next to nothing for my shared T3 line, and the catch is that they slow my port down to near nothing after i exceed 3 gigs a week. It'll be back up and running friday at the lastest, thursday at the...
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