1. Tsunami

    Google's own web-page builder

    http://pages.google.com Been using it for a couple of days, very nice and for those like me that suck with html editing it makes it easy to put together a simple website. http://mcgreggor.googlepages.com/
  2. G

    DMZ webpage ever coming back

    Since i am a lover of all things DBZ i am just wondering when the DMZ webpage will ever come back. I mean i know it went down after that hax0r attack, but I want to see whats up. Anyone know anything else?
  3. GMan

    Requesting a webpage maker's help

    Most of you know that I make GIFs when I'm bored, or by request. (Link in sig.) Well anyone who's been to my section knows that it was a 10 second cut and paste job, and that was acceptable when I just had a few DBZ GIFs. Now tons of people from all over the internet are using my GIFs, frankly...
  4. Kama

    KK, to ESF

    I used to do mini comics on the DMZ forums, I posted this one, based on my experience with the ESF modification, there awhile ago, it had a good reaction. So I decided to try it here, if you guys like it I may do more. Or show my past ones... which don't relate to ESF but I still enjoy. So enjoy!
  5. Final Master

    does anybody know where i can find aHUGE map?

    i like preticularly huge maps with lots of hiding places does anyone know of such a map? if so plz make a direct link for it i will be very happy :D and plz dont flame or spam and thnx!
  6. PiXel

    a new site an new maps www.the-majin.de.vu

    a new site and new maps http://mitglied.lycos.de/esfmajinclan/veroxeng.htm a new site clan site my name is evilgoku please download somthing.
  7. Nuttzy

    Want anime outlines on your models?, nuttzy tells you how,.ITS EASY

    Want anime outlines on your models?, Uncle nuttzy tells you how,.ITS EASY 1st step decompile the model you want to apply the effect to, done? good, now import it now select all the groups and dupicate, scale it the best you can to where the duplication COMPLETELY surrounds the model...
  8. L

    My model

    im making a "DBZish" character for fun... i cant host the pics but i can email them to ya if ya want to post the for me... looks like a mix of piccolo, Kai, and tabion (guy with mohawk from movie 13 i think) just about done with the head and stating to draw out a body stlye i like.
  9. GoJita

    How can i insert my pic

    How can i insert my drawing without it having to be on a webpage?
  10. MaX


    Where in the world did that l337 ssj3goku go oof yours? cause no one is hosting that all i know but i said ill host it but i dont rly have a webpage well its a webpage but i just host files on it not make layout of anything.. email it to me at ([email protected])
  11. Kman3252

    new esf webpage

    What do you think of my new esf webpage. It is still under construction. if someone would like to help me with it email me [email protected] http://www.supersaiyanelite.tk
  12. P

    Heres some of my new drawings ppl!!!

    Allright. Ive drawn some new ones. Im not particurarily proud of any of these since theyre enormously disproportional but you might still like to look at them. Heres the links. Copy and paste em ps: sorry theyre so huge again http://preddie46.tripod.com/cgi-bin/Warrior.JPG...
  13. Mr. Satans

    Model Request

    If theres anything I have wanted /tried to make since I have playedd DBZ mods, is a model of Mr. Satan. If someone could make a model of him I’d greatly appritiate it! I tried many times but have failed. The only model I could ever make was Mr. Molecule from Earthbound. I would have said more...
  14. Ryoko

    My new webpage

    http://members.lycos.co.uk/tomaholt/index.php Can you post comments here. Thanks to The_Stinger for the layout and misc help. Much appreciated ^^
  15. L

    Esf Webpage?

    Where is the esf webpage? My link no longer works for some reason. Is the page down for maintainence or did it move or something? Thanks.
  16. G

    Check Out My New Webpage

    Visit it at ;)
  17. Loki

    Help with milkshape

    Can someone give me the webpage and some really good tutorials for milkshape i really wanna learn to model.
  18. S

    Can someone make me a Kick *edit* Piccolo model!

    Can someone make me a Piccolo model like one with his training armor like the one under my name or even better. I can even put it on my webpage which will be models, maps, auras, and beams that ppl can dl. *Don't circumvent the anti-cuss* *Cucumba!*