1. krzyhox

    Other colour of clothes from weather and without ?

    Hi. Whether the colour of clothes is being changed with the weather and without her and no aura
  2. zmaster

    automatic weather change

    i hve a question will the weather change automatically:confused:
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Crap Weather in the states

    I live in the Central US in Iowa, were getting some heavy flooding thats supposed to start today. The rivers supposed to raise 17ft, and I believe what they were saying that the first 7 ft will push the water to like the dam level, and were going to have about another 10ft of flooding. Alot...
  4. Killface

    Crazy weather...

    This is kinda based off of Spunky's thread.... Despite El-Nino being quite strong this year, were having record cold temperatures where i live. Its supposed to be in the Negatives all week, and the Wind Chill is supposed to be approaching -20's all week or so. Again, i thought el-nino was...
  5. Skyrider

    Weather system not working in ESF Thats a weather system AMXX plugin, the day / night works just fine, but the snow , rain and stuff aren't working.. i wonder how come?.. because the maps are not made for it or something?
  6. Suh Dude

    The day after the another weather?

    Well, this kinda sucks cuz I don't have science anymore, but all these bad weathers... do you think pollution may have a part of this, or maybe caused it? O_o
  7. L

    ****ty Weather

    Truly a Crappy Time to be living in Winnipeg... How Stupid Is This? check out the pics i took as of 9:50 AM This Beautiful May 11 Crap
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