1. Mkilbride

    Frieza can be chopped in half by Disc weapons

    And float around as the top half, like in the series. Ahah.
  2. sub

    Israel Eases Gaza Blockade, Will Allow In All Goods Except For Weapons

  3. It's over One Million!

    Cell and Buu absorbtion weapons

    Absorption is one of the most dangerous Cell and Buu techniques, so I think they must have these weapons in game. Benefits: 1. Drain HP and KI 2. Helps to transform I do not know whether it is difficult to create in game, whether it's too late, this is only a proposal.
  4. M

    Team Fortress 2 - Heavy Weapons Guy

    This video was recently released: http://youtube.com/watch?v=gJyOFXBPh2Q This game is becoming very interesting as more stuff is released, though of course, it isn't true to the original Team Fortress game.
  5. Kurt`

    CS:S Weapons Market o.O

    What it is: http://www.steampowered.com/stats/csmarket/algorithm.html What it currently looks like: http://www.steampowered.com/stats/csmarket/ Cool concept, should totally be opt-in though. /me gets ready to setup a custom server to control economy by spamming weapon buys via scripts/AMX plugins
  6. webber

    Removing weapons

    Is restricting weapons like in CS 1.6 possible in ESF?
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Chromehounds - Super Weapons!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GfErcXc0DE&mode=related&search= if you odnt know already chromehounds is a tactical robot sim that involves alot of customization, nice graphics sick animation and above all else BIG EXPLOSIONS and in the video above appearently now there are these things...
  8. crazykorean10

    how you extract weapons

    lol i no i have been asking alot of questions but plz answer i really want to add a z-saber to zero so he looks Tricked out(pimp)
  9. crazykorean10

    hwo do i add weapons on a model

    thx majin prince for the rar but when i tried to extract clouds buster sword it didnt do any thing
  10. Suh Dude

    Pwnzing naruto's weapons o/!

    omfg! i skin a weapon! it pwns! woo0t! Credits: Dark A.K.A LordChet
  11. Suh Dude

    Pwnzing naruto's weapons \o/!

    omfg! i skin a weapon! it pwns! woo0t! Credits: Dark A.K.A LordChet
  12. G

    enviromental weapons

  13. S

    weapons bar doesnt show!?

    when i host the weapons bar doesnt appear and i cant change weapon or shoot anything but when i join someone elses game it shows up and it plays normal so how do i solve this?
  14. S

    Weapons (post 'em)

    Hey everyone post your weapons anf of them if you can (im bored) Heres my weapons 32' Katana Blowgun Harpoon Gun Longbow Various Knives and Daggers SORRY BUT MY DIGITAL CAMERA IS BROKEN PICS NOT AVALABE AS OF 10/26/03 POST PICS OF WEAPONS IF YOU CAN
  15. Nuttzy

    base model, thread #2

    well, i did some mroe work to hinm to accomodate more than just a gohan or goku, ill be making several new parts for this model, (multiperson gloves, boots, some accessories and what not so i can basically make any character from this base) the clothed one looks slightly buffer, which can...
  16. F

    restrict weapons on server

    ok i know all of you are thinking this is a stupid post and it should go on amx mod or admin mod forums....but it shouldnt i put up a server a while ago and ive tried putting it on amx mod and admin mod and both disable kame torpedos, vegetas fast ki blast, and trunks sword every time ive...
  17. G

    where can i set new "weapons".......

    new "weapons" for the ESF? because the site www.redsaiyan.com is not good
  18. G

    here some questions......

    where can i download the gotenks mod? is there some way that i can download new "weapons"? is there some way to do that i could transforn more than one time? is there some way i could put new charecters without replacing the old ones? when does the next version of ESF coming out? and what...
  19. M

    matrix models????????

    can someone make matrix models a neo or ghost or niobe model is a good idea and than must they can make the time slower as atacks must they shoot with weapons (pumpgun,mugnum.....) and they must fight very good, they must fight how they fight in the film. good luck o make it...
  20. Z


    hy im starting a project turtle models for esf cous in every game there are models of tmnt but no 1s for esf rapf = gohan mike = krillin leonardo = trunks( the swords) don = vegeta splinter = goku shreder = frieza cassy= cell the foot= piccalo slash = buu so who wants to help...