1. The Deco

    Virtua Fighter 4 for PS2

    Yeah I got it, it doesn't got a story mode like Tekken which you see a video clip of the character, is this for real? VF 4 don't got story mode??
  2. M

    Virtua Fighter 5

    Anyone play this game yet? I bought it a couple of days ago and I'm loving it. It's tough though to remember all the combinations and such. Not to mention that the opponents in the arcades/tournaments become harder when facing against fighters at the "Dan" experience level.
  3. majin uub

    Virtua Fighter 4

    Iv been doin some research, and am finally thinking about buying this game. But id like to know more about it, so has anyone here played it on the PS2? Im into martial arts games so this should appeal to my tastes but id like to know more about the combat system and such. Post away!
  4. NightShade

    virtua fighter 4

    well my family sent me a new psx2 and one of my long time buds send me this game. i was like ewww made by sega. (ya sega got some good games. but there systems going out like that made me upset* So i sat down and was like omg... There is TONS of stuff you can do. make your own ai train...