1. Amayirot Akago

    Which DBZ Villain would you wanna be?

    We've prolly thought about at least once: what if you were a DBZ villain? I'd want to be Buu; he's 100% pure, home-grown, old fashioned E-V-I-L, and turning liquid must be sooooo cool...:p
  2. S

    Strongest Villain, Weakest Villain

    1. Hildergarn 2. Janemba 3. Brolli
  3. S

    [Input needed] SSJ Cow

    I'm almost done modeling my cow, so: What should be cahnged when SSJ? Model changes or just texture changes? Or: Add SSJ hair from Vegeta? If you have suggestions please tell me.
  4. Eon

    Who is a beter villain?

    Who is the coolest Spiderman Villain?
  5. DiebytheSword

    More Eternal Rage art to spam!!! (And a sneak peek at the villain of ER1's game)

    Here are some new renditions of Cucumba, Ryuei and Keldaen. The other PC portraits, Phobius and Retasu should be done soon. Hakai is dead now, the unfortunate victim of the Majin Hordes and ProtoBuu. :devgrin: Cucumba Keldaen Ryuei ProtoBuu Cut and paste if clicking on it doesn't...