1. Spunky

    Hellsing Ultimate OVA VIII What the **** have I been doing for the past six months, besides going outside? I completely missed the release. So ******* badass, the series is almost over though. :( I especially loved the part where I can't wait for the next release, which is next month...
  2. KYnetiK


    ____ Demonoid ____ Viper ____ DanteX ____ D2 ____ And DanteX is the lucky winner! Congratulations dude! SotW:IX is is your hands!
  3. SailorAlea

    Dragon Quest VIII Background

    I found this on the web, and I wanted to share it with you guys. I'm using it as my background now. This is amateur work--isn't it something? To see it, you have to copy and paste it into your Browser.
  4. C

    Dragonquest VIII

    I saw a thread on it couple weeks ago, but that was before christmas and everyone bought it XD, plus the thread was basically dead. Anyway, I got this on Christmas eve and let it lay around on my desk. Today at around noon, I popped it in. All I must say, is wow. Its really good. Voices are...
  5. Phobius

    Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

    This game has gotten me by the thorns(If you have seen the commercial you know what I am talking about) I picked this game up the first day it came out I'm 50 hours into playing it and still a pretty far way from beating it. If you were a fan of Dragon Warrior(US)/Dragon Quest(JP) name changed...
  6. A

    FF VIII on PC

    Someone please give me information where to get it on PC.I have tried everything i can so i hope that you know better and can help me.
  7. BlackVashAngel

    Final Fantasy VII and VIII and X and tatics stuff

    ok, just post what u think is weird/strange/funny in either FFVII or VIII or X or Tactics... for VIII Is it just me or does squall look a LOT like Tom Cruise? doesn't Cid look a lot like Robin Williams? IMO, the plot line in VIII is really off...didnt make...