1. G

    Me playing as venom is spiderman 3 for the ps2!

    sweet aint it? ;)
  2. AmoN


    crits .. and make em usefull
  3. Zeonix

    Spidey 3: Venom Revealed Alright, so it's not footage from the movie, but you can bet your bottom dollar he's going to look extremely similar to that doll/action figure. I was kinda hoping he'd be buffer, but a symbiote can only do so much when he's leeching off of Topher...
  4. EricW

    Venom WIP

    Not for ESF, just making as a project.
  5. |Da|K|

    Venom sig CRITZ!

    hey guyz i made a venom sig ya like? CIRTZ plz
  6. |Da|K|

    new venom sig critz plz

    hey guyz how u like my venom sig i love it :-D CRITZ
  7. |Da|K|

    new venom sig!

    hey every one Rate my venom sig plz 1/10 :D critz too
  8. Hash

    I need pics of either Venom or Carnage

    Anyone know where I can find some good pics of Venom and/or Carnage, or does anyone have some of thier own? And don't say to go search on google, cuz i've done that, but I can't find any good pics. I would greatly appreciate the help!
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