1. T

    Another Skin Request

    Was wondering if someone could make some skins for Gohan, these are the requests 1. Gohan in gokus clothing, like in the movies, forget which one :rolleyes: 2. Gohan in ROSAT training suit, like vegetas Thanks in advance ;D
  2. G

    LOL its so funny, I did the exsact same thing PROMISE I DID NOT STEAL!!

    Majin Vegeta Skin 2... I didn't copy LOL! i did the exsact samething, I promise I didn't steal'em and plus I think that mine suck compaired to Mr. Smo; but my friends wanted me to post them. *note i did not model just skinned* here is my normal too.... email me if you like it!
  3. Majin Saiyajin

    New Vegeta Model

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed... but there is one little thing that could be fixed on the vegeta model for the new beta version of esf. :rolleyes: The crack between vegeta's legs go up past the shading of his crotch. It sort of makes him look like a chick ;) :p In addition, 'even...
  4. S

    New Dude's Sig

    Hey whats up guys. Im new here and wanted to show off my sig. There seems to be a lot of talent around here im looking foward to seeing what you guys can do:D
  5. I

    the bald one:P......Krillin

    krillin model finished it like 4-5 weeks ago posting it now:P
  6. D

    Comments to my Vegeta skin

    Comments to my (improved) Vegeta skin I want to hear your comments about this skin, I made in Paint *lol. And look at normal vegetas mouth (?) , what a detail. lol Ok say what you want to say.
  7. Z

    Vegetas galitgun....

    i dont know but the energy that thy have in there hands like kameha and galitgun are ble i know that kameha is blue but galitgun isent how about changen it to pupel or what ever the color is
  8. B

    skin and model (son gohan and son gohan great sayanman))

    Sorry, i don´t difference betwen skin and model. said this i can say i have made the skins and the models of::: *vegeta gt, supervegeta gt, and vegeta ssj4 *trunk gt...
  9. K

    USSJ Vegeta Help!

    I made a USSJ Vegeta Model but can't put it anywhere... (I edited the one in ESF) But I don't know how to skin OR make it an ESF model Useable...
  10. S

    ESF model wrong

    I think many people have noticed this but all models hands are like screwed up major this dosnt look good at all and actually lowers the fun factor a bit (at least for me) Oh and Vegetas hand is also messed up when firin a big bang...