1. Deman

    Darth Vader, Voldemort, The Lich King, and Kerrigan's Competition.

    Each has a store in a Food court in a random mall. They may each use their minions as the Workers. After a Year, who has the most Profit? What dishes will be created and What would be the names of these insidiously evil restraunts? After reaching 1000 dollars, each Evil doer can call forth...
  2. Brutalis1991

    *Darth Vader* NOOOOOOOOooooo

    My computer's motherboard, PCIe slot burned out =( and melted my graphics card.... No more gaming for me until i save a few paychecks >=( Having to rely on school computers is fail. Goodbye World of Warcrack.........='(
  3. Barney

    INFLATABLE VADER BALLOON!!! collest thing ever
  4. G

    Chad Vader

    Have you guy's heard of this series? they only have 6 episodes so far but its really funny. Look it up on youtube. sry if someone already made a topic about this.
  5. Tsunami

    ZOMFG IT'S DARTH VADER!!! run!!! hahahha roflamao hahahha :laff:
  6. Hash

    Challenge Vader

    Lord Vader shall read your mind and tell you what your thinking! It's pretty neat, he knew I was thinking "Guitar" after 24 questions. Gah! He just figured out I was thinking "Goose" in 17 questions. Man, I could do this all day. The Sith Sense
  7. T

    orge wip

    model wasnt by me.. skin ive been working on it so far for like 1 hour and 15 mins.
  8. Hsu

    new flash work

    Ok I have been watching a lot of Invader Zim lately and I love the style used so I made a few things in flash of Gir. I am relly happy with how Gir in his dog costum came out. You will need to...