1. R

    installing v1.2 but cant!!! :(

    when im installing the v1.2 of esf, when it comes to 30 seconds left, the window of installation comes not responding. It always stops installing in game startup.mp3 .WHYY!!!!!!!! im getting mad!! pls help
  2. R

    do you think it would be possible to post links to v1.2!????!?

    i see a nice patch yet no base file to patch to... where are the links to v1.2 hiding? its kinda hard to update something you do not have?
  3. T

    v1.2 default Vegeta model

    Have you ever noticed a mistake with SSJ Vegeta's hair ? I mean that black colour spots in his hair. And he's SSJ. I think that ESF team should remake that skin ... for 1.2.1 or 1.3
  4. T

    ESF v1.2 HELP PLEASE!!!

    Hello I'm having troubles installing ESF! I have got Half-life and i've already updated it to v1.1.1.0. I Also have steam as well the lastest version but! Once i installed ESF v1.2 there is a shortcut icon to start ESF v1.2 But everytime i click it, it starts of with steam and ****...etc! All...
  5. Mr. Satans

    ESF v1.2 Crashes?!

    WTF Is goin' on, it seems there is a new way to intentionally crash ESF v1.2b servers. MY server had been running perfect for days, no crashing at all. Then yesterday it started crashing mid-game for no reason whatsoever and it was almost always after myself or someone else had just raped...
  6. N

    Steam for v1.2

    NooB Question: The .exe from the v1.2 Full Version does not work. I do not have Steam installed. Does this version need to have Steam installed to work properly? I have been activating the mod from the HL menu screen to play it. Am I or will I be missing features in the game without...
  7. Goku SSJ3

    About esf v1.2...

    what do u think about esf 1.2, is it beter than 1.1 or worse? *** IF U COUNT OUT ADVANCED MELEE ***
  8. Mr. Satans

    EVM v1.2 Help Plugin

    I updated my EVM Help plugin to support EVM v1.2 It provides easy access to EVM information by typing evm_help or evm_mischelp in chat (All Clients) & for admins evm_amenu INCLUDES FILES FOR BOTH AMX MOD & AMX MOD X EVM Help Menu (Extract To ESF Folder)
  9. Optimus Prime

    Post Your Face v1.2

    Well, havn't had one of these in a while, so I thought... why not! Got new pics, wanna show your old pics, do w/e, just to familiarize yourself with the forum goers, feel free to/or not to post your picture. Here's two recent ones of me =) Bear with the quality, crappy webcam. (Black...
  10. F

    When leave esf v1.2 ?

    When leave esf v1.2 ?
  11. MickeyG

    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.2 ]|[

    mods... this one is needed.... 1.1 gets confusing :scared:
  12. S

    When ESF v1.2 comes out?????

    [FONT=Tahoma] :confused: when ESF v1.2 is coming out :confused: :confused: :confused: [COLOR=Red]
  13. Hawki_ice

    V1.2 Bing bing bing <FAILED> dangit

    DAMIT..... it was going so well then blam stupid gif saving format, rined again. critz? Dw, Im gana retry doing this one in V2 format again, stupid gif carnt handle angles aRG.
  14. catfish

    New MP3 player features for v1.2 - (getting) implemented

    23-5-2003 Added a random button to the mp3player from harsens' devlog. Looks like he's making the mp3 player a pretty full blown one for the 1.2 release. Remembers playlist position, different play modes etc. Done!
  15. Mr. Satans

    [NEW] ESF Script Pack v1.2

    <p align="center"><TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+0)>ESF Script Pack v1.2&trade;</TABLE></p> Haha! Yes that's right bi0tch! It's v1.2 of my famous (I think) script pack. To download it, click the glowing title text. This time it comes with an INSTALLER...ooooohhh ahhhhh ^_^...
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