1. vinay87

    Best ESF Fight u've had..

    Describe it? lol, I just got off from mine. With a Superbot <<too slow net>> and it was pwnage for the last 1 hr 20 mins. I best part i loved in it that i beam transed for the first time. And I also discovered that 2 sphere attacks could struggle. A (smaller one)Spirit bomb vs Big Bang...
  2. 5

    wots the most kills uve had?

    Wots the most kills uve had?
  3. I

    i bet uve seen a lot of these

    well i bet uve seen a lot of chibi trunks wip and i thought ill give it a shot... i couldnt get 3dsm to render the model details but after trying i just said forget it and made it a plain ol picture.... check it out not much now but it will be just keep in-tune ^_^
  4. L

    how to model

    i dont know how to make model/skin plz help
  5. Vegeta

    Supreme kai (Nuttzy edit)

    well..I have been working on this edit of Nuttzy's Tapion for about a day now, its the supreme kai / Kio-shin from Majin Buu saga. It was a request by SailorAlea, so I thought I'd help her out. Credits to Nuttzy for his fantastic Tapion model. I need some critz plz I am stuck on the...
  6. ssj999vegeta

    how me colour hair good?

    im making my first skin right and i wanna know how to get the hair colour right, i tried copying the style another model but it did nt look good,how can i do this?
  7. Demi-Shadow

    ok.. now i need your help :)

    i'm looking at a few tutorials, most of them tell me to get pictures of what i want to model first, so.. that's where I need your help people :) (|This is what i need|) Gotenks - Non-ssj - Front, side and back view Gotenks - ssj3 - Front, side and back view Get me as many as you can and...
  8. fatmanterror

    last piece of work ull see from me

    well i got a whole lot goin on in my life right now, and i simply dont have the time to get good at modeling and such, so im probly not gonna be makin anything new for a long time, depending on what happens, if anybody likes this ill release it, as long as somebody else skins it that is, well...
  9. P

    how do you put a sig on?

    the title speaks for itself. How do you put a sig on this thing
  10. fatmanterror

    MY shot at a trunks

    welp here he is, all ussj like, hows it look?
  11. S

    hi all

    hi all I have a new problem its my mapa again. i have compiled it but i cant run it in HL for testing it i have checked the .log file and it sais this: ** Executing... ** Command: Change Directory ** Parameters: C: \Sierra\Half-Life ** Executing... ** Command: Copy File **...