1. DJ-Ready

    USD is no more
  2. frsrblch

    Pentium-D 805 @ 4.1 GHz for $130 USD I posted this in the Opty vs X2 thread, but I feel this is amazing enough to warrant it's own thread. This CPU can take all but the top of the line CPU's by both AMD and Intel once properly OC'ed and cooled. New mobo and RAM are...
  3. Marauder


    hi guys, i opend this thread to ask u if any of u use Maya...and if u do, i would like to see some work,,thx :)
  4. V

    How do i create my sig

    ;/ how do create a sig i cant figure it out please help man i hate being a newbie:\
  5. owa

    Ahhhhh Stuff

    Hey, I just got flash 5 and I wanna animate stuff liek make videos and stuff but I need a tutrial to learn off of. So could osmeone please help?
  6. S

    hows my new sig?

  7. Naz

    NEWB Question

    Ready for flames, but, well, I hope ú all can help me, Where can I dld a good sigmaking- layout making program so I can begin making sigs, I just wanna try it out, c what I can do. So if somebody can help me plz??
  8. Son Goten

    could someone plz make me *another* sig

    could someone make me a sig with a waving american flag in the background, ssj goku in the middle, flanked by ssj gohan and ssj vegeta on his sides and have it say Son Goten United We Stand, Divided We Fall. if someone could so that, i would be forever gratefull!