1. Nuttzy

    inexpensive pc upgrades,

    k well, ill explain the problem first. i bought a 350$ refurbished hewlett packard off newegg several months ago (cantbe arsed to build one myself), and for a 300$ machine it is a monster. However something is keeping it from playing anything beyond half life 2. the original half life 2...
  2. S

    Very simple visual upgrades in ESF

    Here are a few things that i think would make ESF look better, without a whole lot of coding, animations, etc. Some things might be more work than others, but i think they would generally make ESF look a lot better, without too much a fuss.. Please comment using the idea's (number)...
  3. Optional

    Some Upgrades

    Well, my current system is no longer pretty good. Pent. 4 - 2.4 GHZ 512 DDR RAM 40 Gig HD Geforce 5200 128 Mb Powersupply: (get ready for a laugh) 160W So I am going to upgrade some stuff. Thermaltake Silent PurePower, 420W ATX power supply ->...
  4. G

    MSN & Hotmail MB Upgrades?!!

    This is very weird, when i first started off with a hotmail account a long while back, i only had 1mb, but over the last past 2 weeks or so ive recently had 2000MB, its very werid but at the same time good. Has anyone else experinced a big upgrade in there MSN or Hotmail MB Area ??! O_o Mine...
  5. G


    Ok - we are now all back online after significant server hardware and software upgrades :)
  6. C

    i need hl update

    can anyone send me to a site that has hl updates