1. Skyrider

    Forums Upgraded to 4.0.2

    Those who have noticed some issues this morning, I've upgraded the forums to 4.0.2. It failed at first due to some forum theme issues, which I resolved later on. It's very likely that quite a few plugins on the forums are not working as they should. I'll resolve them one by one in time. I'm also...
  2. D

    More models!!!

    To get more models i found this website : http://members.lycos.nl/killahmen/photoalbum8.html might also be something for the team of esf ;-)
  3. S

    Upgraded Scouter ---> ZOOMING

    I think the game really needs a zoom function This could be easily made by making it a part of the scouter. In the sometimes huge maps of ESF its kinda hard to keep track of your enemy, and not being able to see the characters of the game (just a dot on the horizon) takes away a big part of...
  4. L

    SoS - new q3 mod (WOW)

    maby we can learn some **** from them take a look http://www.dragonball.at/games/sos_gallery.php