1. B

    New Vehicular Unit!

    Whaddya guys think? Got her last monday.
  2. Spunky

    The Unit

    Out of curiosity, does anybody else here like it? Personally, I think it's one of the best shows on TV. Executive produced and co-written by Eric Haney, it's quite the accurate portrayal and very close to his book. I love almost every episode. Been watching it since it first premiered. I know we...
  3. G

    Cobra unit (900X600)

    if you dont know this is out of Metal Gear Solid : Snake Eater (3)
  4. Nuttzy

    my bad guy needs a name, and suggs

    this thread serves 2 purposed, for me to pimp my model, and most importantly, to get him named the model is DONE, sounds, skin, anims (but one), and hes ingame. ALOT of thanks goes to shijing, i was about to tear my hair out getting him assigned, his broad shoulders were a certified PAIN IN...
  5. E

    Modeling program

    someone should make a modelling program that is simple and easy to use. For example: if you have played a WWF smackdown game for PS2 and you go to create a character mode, it is easy and simple to use.
  6. K

    senzu beans?

    I have a major problem with the senzu beans...they always show up just below the ground. You can still grab them, but can't see them. How can I fix this? I have already tried making the ground 1 unit thick and I am also using the hullfile. What gives?
  7. ultrassj_vegeta

    armored core wp

    didn really do much at all.... just made the bg.... then saw the pic and thot it suited it.. then just blurred sum crap.. thats bout it only.. so yhe.. just thot u ppls mite liek to see...
  8. Ecchi Pr0n

    Vash The stampede VS Evangelion unit 01

    well ok i just want to know what you guys think in this post after popular post results in EVA VS gundam its just the EVA unit 01 after eating the angel standerd equipment but no spear of lonugus it would be pointless(yes AT field) and its vash w/the white and black revolver in...
  9. Chimpbot

    EVA Unit vs Gundam...Who would win?

    I know this was posted once before awhile back...but it was a great topic... So..I"m bringing back... Which do you think would win...any EVA Unit vs any Gundam.... Now...Vote and Talk! I'd like only people who've seen both series(any gundam series and neon genesis evangelion), and...