1. J-Dude

    Help understanding IK (for characters)?

    I've been wanting to try my hand at making custom animations for custom npcs in game, but I haven't the first idea on how to set out doing this. I have a rigged model already available and I want to fix up an existing npc's rather bad set of animations, but I run into a variety of problems...
  2. J-Dude

    Help Understanding Normal Mapping (3dsmax7)

    Okay, I know what normal maps are, but I've never tried doing one before. I know you can use UVW unwrap and all that to make a custom one in Photoshop, but I'm more talking about normal mapping that creates a map from a high res model and applies it to a low res version model. I'm just...
  3. D

    secondary melee understanding

    ok i just have to ask this i was around during the 1.1 days so i was trained to especially use secondary melee but its what i mostly use and i get noobs and even good players constantly calling me a whore or a noob because i dont used advanced theyll also ask questions like, is that all you can...
  4. S

    making models

    what kind of software is needed to make and edit models, and where can i find it?
  5. Lone Wolf

    3Dsm help...

    Can anyone tell me how to put MAPS onto your freakin object? >.< Ive tried but I couldnt get it.... Example: I made a plane, put displaced it... added noise... and yea... thats about all... I go to the Materials Edietor... and find a map... I chose Evrgren2. But all the buttons are grey and...
  6. shadow16

    [ms3d] swapping parts head/arm/etc

    -after reading through some tutorials i did get a better understanding about making models etc...though nothing has really gone right so far but o well....anyways i wanted to know how can i like basically copy and paste stuff....l e.g I want to copy goku's head and lets say swap it with...
  7. B

    a little problem

    i made a brolly pack....brolly...ssj brolly....a new pic for the character selection screen...and changed the stats to say brolly....only problem is i can't get my ssj brolly any taller....i'm using milkshape...i used the scale all tool and it looked fine but when i tried him in model viewer he...
  8. M

    plz make a .....

    somone plz make a soundpack for mystic gohan, or even geat the great sayiman sounds plz, i really dont know how to, thx
  9. S

    Streaming Lava

    hi guys i want to make a map with streaming lava but how can a make it stream and hurt at the same time?:talk:
  10. Styles

    The new Fgd

    I was just wondering if u guys could give us the fgd file so we can map as well because most mods i know of release the fgd much earlier than the mod.