1. Prozac

    Happy birthday UltraPerfectCell.

    Happy birthday Smith| Have a good one *insert random-barely-dressed-women.jpg here* Sorry I got lazy over the years. PS, don't you still have a fanfic unfinished
  2. X


    I was messing around with me photoshop and made this. And since my name is Son Gokuo I have no use for it. I was about to delete it then I thought I'd show it to UltraPerfectCell before I did delete it. <img src="http://www.neonamek.com/sigs/son gokuo2.gif"> btw I had a little help from my friend.
  3. S

    A New Rs Vegeta Tell Me what u think

    i did this for fun today and i was woundering of what u peeps think about it should it be done or put it in the trash pic is on this link im very :tired: stayed up from 530 AM to 730 AM after being up all night i just couldnt get the model the way i liked it but heres and updated pic i...