1. JTR

    Sasuke Tweaked

    I tweaked my old Sasuke a bit... That means: - NEW Head [Hair needs to be weilded and tweaked.. have to position the hair right..] - NEW Hands [ALOT better that the old ones...] - NEW Sandals [dno.. just tweaked a bit... havent really compared them myself..] - Cutted 20 polies.. and more...
  2. Super Veggeto

    Vegeta Tweaked

    lol again... what has been changed? model wise: remodeled the legs arms some parts at the torso arms feet skin wise: reskinned the torso legs arms feet and changed the skintone ssj and majin are also tweaked just lazy to upload them too, although if you...
  3. P

    Nintendo's DS Tweaked New Design

    New Finalized DS VS The OLD DS Which Design do you guys like the best?!?
  4. S

    Tweaked Blocking

    I think you should be able to move while blocking.. Now i can see the objections coming, but stick with me for a moment.. Ever had some guy spamming generic beams or non stop ki balls at you..? I think it's kinda frustrating that i have to stand in one place to swat them away.. why...
  5. |Da|K|

    Wogasm&dak to getha

    hey guy me an wogasm teamed up... wogs did 3d render i did all the airbrushin soo CRITZ!
  6. D

    some things that need to be tweaked

    ive always had these problems that mostly involves melee. it has to do with my controls just not responding. for starters, sometimes when im trying to target some1 i usually have to click them like 3-4 times alot of the time. my crosshair is red too. after finally getting the person targeted i...
  7. KrazyKarl

    Brolli Re_revised.... Brolli3

    Once again... I have tweaked him...
  8. L

    Trunks Model?

    Just wanted to know, if the posted picture of trunks is final, or is it still being tweaked for the beta?
  9. T

    hey esf look at this (this is not a leak)

    i wont say how i did this but all i can say it was very easy.... no im not giving it out either because i like the esf team to much. there is no point in this im just saying to the esf team you should change that gohan model alot more then you did...
  10. Hiro

    Vegeta tweaked?

    :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: 2 segestions: 1. Tone down VEGETA. (Example: I had pl over 4 mill with Goku my score was 89-17. The second place person had about a score of 39-28. HE was vegeta. I shot a fully powered Kamehameha at im and we had a ps were I LOST!!!) 2. Shorten the...
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