1. V

    Can Turles and Hachihyaku be added in?

    Can the characters Turles and Hachihyaku be added in? They're my favourite characters and havn't been in many Dragon ball games.
  2. crazykorean10

    Who is Turles?

    I have been wondering this for awhile now Who is turles i no he looks like Bardock but who is he teh father?
  3. Jimesu_Evil


    I just watched "The Tree of Might" and thought "Hey, Turles is pretty cool", so I spent the next hour or so making this: Credits to: Vassago, D.C Darkling and whoever made the goku face skin I'm using (sorry, but I got it from a model but I don't know which one. If you made the Goku...
  4. C

    New map idea

    Here's a new map idea, the place where The tree of Might happened.