1. I

    My concept of a rock style trunk's (Ruff)

    Got a bit bored.. so drew a fast concept of what i think a rock trunk's would look like.. ruff drawing when i got bored.. do a sexier version soon.. bad pic as well just took it with my mobile :s but gives u the basic idea.. i did a quick 2 second draw over on photo shop.. as well...
  2. john_volkov


    why not make trunk's sword to work like in 1.1 you hit whit the sword not melee
  3. @

    Trunk's Sword

    just curious, does trunks sword do more damage then regular fist and kick attacks? sorry if this question has been answered, but just curious thanx Damious
  4. C

    Trunk's kamahamaha

    In TV , Trunk can use kamahamaha . And I think that Trunk in ESF is very weak in SSJ or Non-SSJ So I think ESF should add kamahamaha to Trunk(Non-SSj and SSJ Both) So I think it can balance the weakness of Trunk . Thank You
  5. K

    Trunk's sword

    yo, i dont have a screenshot, but when i got to melee, he puts his sword in his sheath, but when i switch to beam, like burning attack, he puts it back in, but the sword is like stuck to his hand and its really wierd. :fight: :p
  6. A

    CC trunks

    critz, coments, and.. yea.. Pikkon is being finished, hes being skinned. :D
  7. S

    SSJ4 trunks

    has anybody ever thought of making a SSJ4 Trunks model that would be somthing to see i tihnk
  8. §lipKnot

    New Trunk Tell Me What U Think

    I Reskined a trunks model from the esf team and i wann know what u think and yes it is done........ it has been done for about 2 nights my bad its the bottom one......... band with is killing it i took some things off i hope it will stay open when...
  9. Mr. Satans

    [NEW] Cloud (For Trunks)

    I edited the Cloud model recently released to give him a normal form. Who do I ask for permission...ehh...crap I think I'm late on that one ~_~ damn I'm new to this, anyways I won't release it w/o permission & creds. This edit was extremely simple but I thought it was needed. <center>CREDITS...
  10. U

    A new trunks

    does any one no huus trunks is this i was hoping some one of u had it O_o
  11. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Bojac Trunks Wip

    Well i have started a wipp of bojac trunks , i want to make him the same as the movie i made him a brand new hair poly by poly , heres what i done so far , but the bones arent assigne i need Sin Goku to complette it:laff: credit to: Real modeler of trunks - belt ,boots, head , sword Azn -...
  12. Darkside

    help a newb

    i just got lightwave 7.0 and i've been staring at the screen for about 20 mins not having a clue where to start... anyone got any tips or advice for me? i want to make a model that replaces trunks
  13. E

    Trunk Sword looks ugh!

    Im sorry, but The sword trunk has looks PUG UGLY FUGLY. The top of the sword is good, but when you bring it down to the handle the blade shouldnt get so thin. Too thin in my opinion.
  14. SSjGohan12345

    trunk's sword

    when you use trunk's sword it plays the meele sound not the trunks sword, how can i fix this?
  15. A

    Bojack trunks

    Im making a bojack trunks edit for my first edit. Ill post a pic in a sec, just gota fix it a bit. Oh, and thanks magus for posting the link in my Helo thread :]
  16. ]\/[ITCHELL


    does anyone want to edit a model for me??? and IF i decide to release i will give you credits (i pm-ed -DarkShadow- but he aint responding) email: mitchell also msn the model in question is righthere the parts in the red circles has to be removed 1-his tail 2-his sword 3-his...
  17. Cheeto101

    Question about FB sprite

    Hmm just a question, but is it possible to make trunk's FB sprite look any thing kinda like a mini spirit bomb (i mean not exactly like, itd be blue and have the kinda tail effect thing). Play any of the snes games with the fb to figure out what im talking about. I have no experience with...
  18. Jonesdaniel

    Long Hair SSJ Trunks

    Are there any models out for ssj trunks, where he has long hair (like when he was fighting cell) thanks for any help provided in advance ;)
  19. IceFire2050

    Trunk's Sword sumary in my opinion

    Ok prity much what i have figured is that all trunk's sword is is a new form of melee now judging from the video i cant tell if it has an increased range but you get the same effect(opponent gets sent flying accross the map) from what i can tell this isnt going to increase trunk's usefulness