1. harSens

    Triple monitor setup

    I'm starting to get used to my 24" + 19" monitor setup at work, so now I'm feeling cramped at my home computer (2 x 19"), so I'm toying with the idea of adding a third 24" monitor. I'm also looking for a new videocard, my 6600GT needs some upgrading. What would be the cheapest way to set this...
  2. S

    MR Luckyas and Triple X !

    You two are two slaves of Dark Gogeta. If you think I hacked the edw forum you're wrong... Unknown was the one along with Anonimus , they are close to you , good friends i think... And to hide their intentions I got the credit, And I liked that I proved to Dark Gogeta that he's lieing to us...
  3. V

    triple teleport

    i was thinking if yo uguys can add the triple teleport in esf 1.3. if dont understand what i am saying watch dbz episode 113 when goku fights android 19 :)
  4. E

    ToS Project - Triple E bish!

    ^__^ Me, Eclipse, and Enix are working on a Tales of Symphonia pack. We'd like to release it for a mod as a pack however I'm not seeing one that it would fit in, rather, I've found a few but I don't see them making it to release :/ However we will take them to the end for atleast a secksi...
  5. S

    Triple Wall Jump?

    On esf_ToM, i was wall jumping and i did not release jump, it just repeated the jump animation like 3 times, then i flew away.
  6. L

    got links for a butt load of models

    if so hopefully u know were to put im
  7. H

    Mappers Unite!

    Hey, I figure I could start a new thread here and just talk about anything and everything. Share maps, etc. My first question is: How do I export my map into a TRUE .bsp file? When I compile it in Valve Hammer Map Editor it makes a .bsp file, but the file is only 14kb small!! It should be...
  8. Celticus


    OKEY!!!! i'm gonna release my ingame screenshots!!! (i always call them targa's because it are targa files) :rolleyes: some pictures are from 1.0 models because i started when 1.1 wasen't released yet Here's pic: and here's the file...
  9. D

    Ssj3 Model

    PLZ SEND ME A SSJ3 GOKU AT [email protected]:rolleyes:
  10. Pain

    tired of getting double or triple teamd?

    well i know i hate it when im fighting someone and i get nailed from 4 difffernt directions at the same time, anyway how bout an additional targeting system, it could be just like the red melee square lock, but instead this one puts a blue square on anyone that has you targeted. so u can...
  11. A

    i need help

    i cant get esf to wark can any one help me??:cry: :cry:
  12. SSj_Gotenks95

    Spawn Model

    I found a spawn model with a mod I had downloaded and was wonderinf if someone would fix him up so he could be in esf and took piccolos place and if you could change the eyelaser to a green color I will have the model here in a few minutes I just transfered it to my macintosh to upload it to a...
  13. S

    How do i open a current esf map in the map editor?

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to open an esf map with hammer editor?
  14. BlackVashAngel

    Triple meha Double Meha and Kao Ken

    as some of us have seen, there were many pictures of a TRIPLE MEHA! you know, the one that Goku, Mystic Gohan, and Gotenks formed a meha and COMBINED them? i have a couple of ideas if this was to be made 1. the T.M. (triple meha) should be its own attack, but you cannot move while charging...

    I search for models, please post your creations Here Please

  16. B

    Vegeta Gt Model

    U know that one guy that looks like vegeta and short hair well i use vegetas body and created new hair Heres the link And don't give credits to me Give it to that one dude S-bolt or The guy who made Vegeta
  17. O

    ---Launch as a character---

    im busy and will never get around to it but my idea was to add a female character for a change. Instead of using powers she could use weapons Attacks: these wepons fire Beams or Energy balls except for the Rocket Launcher which fires well... a rocket Pistol Shotgun(with spread...
  18. Logan4434

    goku ssj5

    i have reskinned a goku ssj3 i dled to look like a ssj5 from a pic i saw.if anyone wants it e-mail me or could someone put it on their site(not good at that stuff) p.s. cant put pic but can give link to the pic i saw here it is:
  19. D

    i need alittle help with skinning

    okay my model is finished and i vant to skin it but how do i do i dont even know wich program i should use for skinning
  20. M

    Triple After Image

    If you recall in the original dragonball, the after image(and double and triple) were used in the tourny. some sort of very short temporary clone to distract and draw fire. One of the wizard wars classes can shoot off a clone of himself that i think runs off in a straight line until he hits...