1. S

    Tri Form Technique

    if you remember the battle on earth with the z fighters vs vegita and nappa when krillin and piccolo split them self into four parts do you think it would be cool if could get krillian and piccelo could do it in esf and when you use it in mele scene each of them has a quater of the overall power...
  2. O

    TRI BEAM!!!!!

    yea i think they should add cell kikoho(anti soul search cannon)also called T3H TR1B34M so whaddya think. And i think in 1.3 cell should have the cell jr. attack and they would act like snarks and 30hp and 1 attach kame hame ha(wityh minimium damage of courese)
  3. icu2

    tri form

    you know the technique picollo tien and krillin used you would split into three people yourself and two bots the bots would fight people to help you the bots have 10 hp or less and you can use the attack 1 per live
  4. T

    tri form

    i think it would be unfair and cause a giant lag.. but hell, it just got in my mind, so why not post it? :p can't a tri-form technique(like krillin and picollo vs nappa) be implented(sorry for my bad english) in the game? that if you use that attack, that there just apear 2 bots aside you...