1. omnomnom

    So, I've been noticing a trend...

    I've been seeing lots of Force Pitter's and older members being banned... what are they doing? And ahh... please dont ban be for asking :P its just a small innocent question, aside from my usual ban - worthy mumbling.. or shouting...
  2. |Overlord|

    A new trend

    Kidboy wants you. Need I say more, he wants you bad :( (yes, that's right, /points to signituare).
  3. G

    Trend Whore?

    I did have help from a tutorial on this one, Never done tech EVER! So my first attempt with help from a tutorial :\ but HEY we all have to start some where. lmao... Im still messing something but cant figure out what, So I will have to say its a WIP. Render: bakka Tech Work: Meh :p Link...
  4. MinesSkylineR34

    down with naruto trend :P

    Shadow the Hedgehog \o/ yes props to you for the suggestion
  5. Denominator

    RedSaiyan Face trend

    why must people copy Spin's original red haired DBZ character face avatar/logo? His was awesome, it still is better than all of yours. the only other good one is Ultra Perfect Cell's, the other heads are just badly done. But yeah, try make up your own style. im sorry i put this here.. but...
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    Trend whore tutorials

    ok im back again with another one for ya. have u ever wondered how people get such a cool effect in indy art? ill explain exactly how to do such awsome pieces(sarcasm) ok the tools we are ganna need are some sort of 3d program and of course photoshop. 1. open up 3dsmax/bryce/whatever...
  7. T

    Trunks models KATANA(instead if sword)

    This is the new trunks sword, its a katana ENJOY:smile:
  8. T

    N00BS:A Disturbing Trend?

    Lately I've noticed a disturbing trend. This deals with people either misinformed or not informed at all about ESF's melee system. Lately I've been playing a server ran by the person with the handle "*~Kroc~*". Every time we are attacking each other on a head-to-head on collision course...
  9. |Da|K|

    clock work-indy

    jus some indy i made :-p
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    fun without filters

    since ive been doin alot of a work with filters lately i need a break and started messing around with line art. comments and critz would be aprreciated. conisdering i used alot of trend whore techniques i may also do one of my spoof tutorils on it aswell. and since i kow poeple r ganna say...
  11. G


  12. SA_Gohan

    Char Concept

    Ello all :D I finally got around to finishing my character concept for a modelling contest. And, here she is: copy and paste Stats Race: Human Age: 17 Weapon: Daishi Story: A human fighter born in a time of peace, about five years after the...
  13. S

    First Background Ever Made BY Me

    What do you think? If you like it I jsut want to tell you that I will be putting more wallpapers at....