1. D.C. Darkling

    ok. time to trash my reputation and...

    ask somethign bout milkshape. how the hell do we use reference pics? cause I need to use pics besides milkshape. i can't use a pic, overlay the model and match. now I know how to insert a pic. make it the background ok.. but point is its like way to big. Since I have insane trouble finding my...
  2. Prozac

    Who can Trash the best

    Hello ppl I was thinking of this little contest, who is the best at trashing a building. everyone can join, and everything goes as long as it is recognizable. Burn it down, make holes in grass. Do what ever you like. Prize = Respect, and the fun of making it You can find the pic...
  3. Eider

    [WIP] 2nd Female Model

    okay, since the other one didnt advantage, i started MY second try to a female model O_o As for credits: I'm going to use parts from the latest Buu saga Vegeta, but in the readme, it says Violator... NOW, i read he stole that model, WHO do i give credits :scared: :p anywayz, Thx to...
  4. Vengaurd

    new deathball

    ive tried for weeks but couldnt come up with anything good...this one i thnk is at least desent. what do you think?
  5. R

    anroid17(GOTTO SEE)

    here is my new model and one of my greatest to updates soon here ya go