1. Growler

    Transparency hotkey in 3ds Max 9

    Hello, I am just getting back into modeling... and I forgot the hotkey to make your model transparent.. it's bothering me. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  2. C VON

    transparency issue

    hey i finally figured out how to make a good looking sprite but the transparency is so high that you cant see any detail and its nearly invisible. and i have tried all transparency settings too. how do i fix this?
  3. Z

    Transparent Models

    There are .dll available that allows transparency in models. It is completely compatible with HL and allows for some cool things to be put in. Has a tutorial and link to dll download These .dll got into your base HL directory and...
  4. U

    Big Problem !!!!

    i edited a model now im done but .... When i compile a .qc file ( in milkshape) he loads everything, but every time when he had the last smd file loaded the milkshape program is stuck. ( i also tried to remove the last one but then he gets stuck on the second last one, i have also tried...
  5. A

    psp transparency

    alright, how do I make a transparent background save without changes with paint shop pro or animation shop? I try but when I save it always makes the image opaque, or if theres any blur in the animation it will harden it and it looks ***, how can I fix that?