1. Nuttzy

    need help tracking down a smd import/exporter

    i currently use 3dsmax v8. i also have v6 and 7, but i would rather not use those (as i would have to re-rig the models) i have found some HL2 smd exporters, but i need one for HL1. they use the same format so they MAY BE interchangeable. (but i doubt it) if anyone knows where to find one...
  2. Ravendust

    Improve Kame Torpedo Tracking

    I don't know if anyone else even uses them, but Kame Torps are my favorite signature energy attack. Decent damage, homing, and you can fire six at once - they're also probably the most strategic attack in the game. However, the tracking (homing) on them is pretty horrible at times. Often...
  3. B

    Tracking, Plcdecal.wad, and opengl vs software

    Hi. I tried to run the game on opengl video mode, Default, and it says i dont have the stuff or something. then i click on the default tap and theres a mini3dfx card or something but it says thats not supported as well when i attempt to play games. When i try to run on software it takes...
  4. Hiro

    beam tracking

    I've noticed that when i've shoot a kamehameha wave it sometimes doesn't catch when I want to move the beam. So i cant control the beam and it just goes straight. I was just wondering if this has been addressed. so maybe add a better "beam catching system?"