1. Skyrider

    Tracker error: TrackerUi.dll is invalid, not loading.

    For those who get this error, It is because you are not using Steam. I'm seeing multiple people here posting that this is a bug, but it just means you are using the old version of Half-Life with the WON Version. I can be wrong with this, but I am seeing now multiple threads with the TrackerUI...
  2. Sicron

    2 bugs...couldnt find in mantis tracker

    Well i can finaly play esf again, so i tried some training with some bots to start learning advance melee again anyway, i found 2 bugs, 1.[Bot Bug] When i was training with a super bot, and i didnt want that stupid laser, i put the % on 0 but it still kept firing that laser to me.. 2.[Map...
  3. C

    Couldnt Load Tracker

    i met a problem was COULDNT LOAD TRACKER so , when i playing esf few secound the music and character voice will vanished .
  4. K


    hi guys, i´ve got a problem with compiling maps in my hammer editor. When the Editor runs esf it says "error TrackerUll.dll invalid not loading". Because of that the map does always restart after choosing a character. I´ve got no TrackerUll.dll on my system, where can I get one? Or do I not...
  5. N

    tracker error

    every time I start a game in ESF i've got a error like: could not initiate tracker.dll does anyone what it is and how to prevent ? sorry for my poor english :cry:
  6. S

    tracker error ?!?

    Every time i play esf i get an error , it says tracker error trackerui.dll invalid not loading , does any1 know what this is?