1. M

    Last Total Lunar Eclipse until 2010 Tonight

    Source:;_ylt=AurTcXBu6rd8sOvIbuiSgtus0NUE And as an added bonus - How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse: Source:,0,2589333.story?track=rss
  2. Optimus Prime

    New Spiderman 3 Trailer: 10:00 EST tonight.
  3. ZeroNightmare

    damn its hot tonight...

    i cant sleep. cus i got out at 12:30 and slept for 4 hours. but regardless, its hot as hell tonight. ugh, is it getting warm where any of you guys live?
  4. O

    A COOL MAP SUGGESTION!!(wow im on a roll tonight)

    so this map would feature a space(very open) there would be friezas space ship(really big) and the z forces capsule (big too) and the sayan base on the planet next to the space ships there is some capsuleson the planet and the station itself (u could go in the station) and u could lauch sum...
  5. S

    Why will 1.2 be released later tonight.

    Do you know how much bandwith will be lost in a single hour? Do you know exactly how many people will be pissed because the bandwith will all be gone in that single moment? Why can't it be released throughout the day so it can be easier for people to get?
  6. Z

    goku and goten at the beach

    *Censored* *Don't post things like that again, or you will be banned permanently from the forum.* *Cucumba* i edited it with ps a little hentai version wil be out tonight :devgrin: :devgrin: :devgrin:
  7. E

    STRYKER's new avatar/map!

    Ive just seen stryker's new avatar, it looks very cool! seems like this is his very own method to introduce his new maps! What I can see on this pic looks like it was done by a terrain generator, but Im sure you did it on your own, right stryker? ;) This is the best looking landscape Ive...
  8. S

    funny looking model

    this is a model that i made tonight. credits to esf modeler of frieza piccolo cell. if any one likes it they can skin it. sorry for bad quality pic
  9. A

    I need some ideas for model edits..

    I need some ideas for some DBZ model edits. Im not doing anything that has been RELEASED!.
  10. dudeman

    and yet another wp :D

    last one for tonight! i swear! this wp has one problem, adult content.. its not porn or hentai but just nudity..:rolleyes: o_o
  11. G

    My Models 2

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=darkred, strength=#+1)>Ok guys if you want to see my MODELS you dont have to sign up just go to and put on User Name: Dark_Serpentine Password:landau91 please dont edit just go to the photo albums and check my models they are the 3D ones with...
  12. D

    Logo Type...image thing....

    here is this logo..thing....that i made tonight...cuz i got bored :p lol *EDIT* heres it with grid...cuz EVERYONE LOVES GRIDS :p **EDIT** image isnt showing....uhh...just right click, then copy the URL
  13. C

    So tonight its coming out?

    At 9:00 it should be comming right?
  14. FreeDoM

    About Tonight

    I'll be on at release waiting for 3 others to join my server for a bloodbath:)