1. omnomnom

    So i put a tie on my dog....

    I put a tie on my dog oh, and added some ahh... words.... couldn't think of the next word, which happend to be words.... *trollz*
  2. S

    advanced melee tie suggestion

    jus a quick suggestion for advanced melee: currently if you and your enemy block each and every punch/kick, you just spend time in the air and then fly apart, what i thought would be better is after you and your opponent block a whole bar of advanced melee each it comes into a quick fire...
  3. E

    Tie Thingy

    You know when two players do swooping and hit themself, I don't remember how its called So when a tie happens a white aura will come out of them (i will give a example later) the aura pushes away anything at all , and also if there will be 25 ties (if possible) then they do a combo whos...