advanced melee tie suggestion

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Apr 15, 2003
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jus a quick suggestion for advanced melee:

currently if you and your enemy block each and every punch/kick, you just spend time in the air and then fly apart, what i thought would be better is after you and your opponent block a whole bar of advanced melee each it comes into a quick fire round, where you both do a single punch/kick going backwards and forwards between you 6-8 times, now i had two idea's about how this could work, so you can choose:

1) it starts off with if you land a punch, you do a combo, but if it reaches the last 2 punches that you each get, you just hit them away with a strong hit

2) if you land a single punch it hits them away as a strong hit

If after all that, neither of you land a punch you fly away from each other like what happens currently...

so thats the idea in short >_>

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