1. N

    Something to consider in terms of charecter balance

    If we take a look at every charecter, almost all of them have an instant attack. Goku, Cell, and Krillin all have the solar flare. Gohan's got the shield attack. Freiza has the fingerlaser, and Piccolo has the eyelaser. Buu has the candybeam. So, all them aside, Vegeta and Trunks are the...
  2. TRSS

    3d terms?

    hey peeps i dont knwo if this is too much to ask but could sumbudy give a list of modling terms i should know like rig for example i have no i dea what that is but ive heard it somewhere
  3. I

    Question for Musicians (In terms of recording equipment)

    (Click the provided links to see the products) Alright, I'm trying to update the equipment to my "home studio" and I stumbled across a situation. I've found a MICROPHONE CABLE that is pc compatable and can be directly inputed. But I want to know if the Behringer B1 microphone I'm purchasing is...
  4. Tsunami

    A Must Read for AIM Users, AOL Alters AIM Terms of Service

    What this means is that AOL/Time Warner can take any/all your conversations and reproduce it (in all forms of media), claim it as theirs, and promote it. Thusly, you waive all right to private conversations. :/ http://www.aim.com/tos/tos.adp
  5. K

    Seeing Host

    Just checking if this host works and I'll be back after Mid-Terms