1. TeKNiK

    Again Tek finally makes a new sig

    don't know if I'm done with this or not yet, but either way it's a new signature from me. Comments?
  2. TeKNiK

    Tek made a sig.

    :O comments?
  3. Rajikk

    A good name

    Hey could someone come up with a decent name for a character this is really serious nothing stupid just a good name for a character I'm making. I'm terrible at coming up with names.
  4. Skinnerfool

    Reskin Of Vegeto

  5. N

    Vegetto helper

    Hey, a while back i noticed alot of people trying to make high polys dbz models for new game engines like UT2003. Most of the time they slapped polys around without really thinking of whether they were necessary there, or whether they could be used somewhere else to add more shape, or for...
  6. R@!D3R

    Metro-Tek's Sig

    Wow... This one took like 2 hours. I hope you all love it :) Color is a little different but I liked it. Well?
  7. G

    Gotenks Model Release

    I know you probably thought this was the Gotenks model for release, but its not. I-WANT-GOTENKS! And I was wondering, because hardly anyone looks at the fourteen'th page of "when is Gotenks coming out?" So I want to know when will it come out?
  8. Synth

    Model Request

    As you can see I am a big Tekken (Anime, Fighting Game) Fan and of course Hwoarang is my favorite character Front View Back View i would really appreciate it if someone (Metro, Vassago, etc) made me a Hwoarang model for Half-Life, that i could use in ESF. Not to take away from...
  9. imkongkong

    vegeta model

    i was wondering.. if the vegeta model will have the armor on? i think he shouldn't because during the buu saga, vegeta didn't have the armor, just a blue suit thingy.. and he didn't have the armor when he was majin.. i think it would look more better without
  10. I

    Vegeta saiyajin prince*update* alot better!

    hey here is the update....got to c!!!!! http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~bidforpower/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=135567 http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~bidforpower/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=135570 http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~bidforpower/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=135576
  11. N

    can u make me a....

    SSJ4 gogeta... i know i posted this b4 but noone tried so im hoping taht someone might actually try this time...
  12. thor

    Bebi Vegeta model

    is there a good bebi vegeta model when hes whereing this armer
  13. S

    Samjai SKin... Early Work

    heres a very early pic of a skin i started on... give some comments so far...
  14. S

    Metro-Tek Bebi Vegeta

    Dude your post got deleted... Where is it,, did you finished the model?
  15. S

    Gosh My Face Is RED!

    lol look at this... its my ACTUAL SKIN WITHOUT THE SKINMAP BACKWARDS... My Real Skin Of Brolli
  16. T

    my 15 min brolli skin by metro

    my 15 min brolli skin by metro *update* 15 mins to make, not nearly done witht he chest the skin dont look to good from this pic because when i converted it to gif i frigged it up... but this is it so far....
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