1. T

    Cell Saga Teen Gohan Model Request

    Hey guys, i thought about putting this in request thread but no one reads that so here goes, i was wondering if there are any cell saga gohans out there, not ones that go from ssj to ssj2, but ones that go from normal to ssj1, not to be a ***** but ESF's default one is a peice of **** so if...
  2. Lethal_Vegetto

    I Postes about this a while ago..

    What happend to someone making a teen gohan in his Birthday unigorm. The one with the white shirt and purple pants and shoes like krillins. Please tell me if anyone will make something like this for 1.1? Thx
  3. V

    Ssj2 Gohan Fixed

    :laff: Yup i fixed the hair now its attached and i smalled it and i made him a neck , hair doesnt reach out of his neck anymore and i pumped up the arms so he has nice muscles
  4. Halorin

    Adult Goten

    Any one ever thought of making an Adult Goten Model?
  5. M

    Teen Gohan Soundpack

    i made a complete soundpack for Teen Gohan, i hope you like it if u're using a Teen Gohan model! Save target as... http://www.geocities.com/mrtrickjrssj2/test/gohan.zip i'm also thinking about making soundpacks for all the other saiyans....
  6. G

    Teen Gohan or young gohan

    hi i just wanted to know if teen gohan and young gohan was going to have the same moves or different moves? Sorry is someone talked about this but i could not find it. I am a noob lol.:laff:
  7. E

    CS Vegeta, Paikuhan, PT Gohan and Tien....

    just a few newish models alot of them are old just i revamped them and finished them off, gohan is new tho gohan is for SOS, the rest are for EF Pre-Teen Gohan http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=31237...
  8. GMan

    Best Gohan Model?

    I use Gohan primarily and I was wondering what you thought the best model was. These are my favorites right now: and For his trans. However, I don't like going from teen to kid. Is there any Gohan model like the teen version with orange clothes instead? (NOT battle...
  9. G

    finally a host 4 my skins!

  10. R


    can some one draw me a goten (teen) or gohan (teen) or GOKU (teen) or vegeta (teen) with short hair and electricity flashing around them i wanna see wich one of you have: -inivation -imagination -skill -brains k any one up to the chalange
  11. Litebringer

    Teen Gohan Sounds

    Put together a little soundpack for teen gohan so you don't have to use the crap ones anymore.. hope you enjoy it.. and by the way the powerbeam and powerbeamha are silent because I thought the one time future gohan did masenko sounded bad.. anyways here it is Gohan :D
  12. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades, Goku.. Finaly?

    its a WIP but I'm almost finished this version.. gona make 5 other versions after this one... enjoy http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=25786
  13. S

    can some1 help me with the sounds

    i want to hear the teen gohan sounds not the mystic gohan sounds how can i make it that where i can only hear the teen gohan sounds instead of the mystic gohan sounds:cry: ;(
  14. Grim`


    Can somebody make me a signature plzz ? :/ Clan = dragonball nick = Goten i like Gotenks , Goten , Trunks and Gohan but teen Gohan plzz Make me 1 Thx Thx make something nice
  15. E

    Chibi/Pre Teen? Gohan

    Here.....i dunno if its chibi or preeteen, the cell games gohan.. i set the background as that image on the side, set the mdels to seethrough and then basically traced around it so it shud all be perfect? ill post a smooth and coloured soon still wip as i now need to spend some polys on...
  16. SA_Gohan

    SSJ Goku

    Goku in form 1 supersaiyajin. Could you tell me what you think of it? Thanks Poly's = 1490 http://sa_gohan.tripod.com/ssj1_goku.jpg BTW: it's not for a mod